Sunday, December 29, 2013

Post Christmas Update

I apologize for not posting anything recently, life has been crazy since Christmas! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and got a chance to relax. For my family it was really nice to be together as a whole family for Christmas. Christmas itself was fairly laid back, but we still enjoyed being together and of course there was plenty of good food. Of course my mom made her famous cranberry sauce, there was also turkey, delicious vegetables, stuffing, and plenty of other foods as well.

Two days after Christmas my brother and I ventured out to one of my favorite stores, Williams-Sonoma. My brother got me a gift card and I had so much fun browsing and drooling at all the fun kitchen tools. I didn't end up buying anything, but there were a ton of fun tools I would love to test out! I have my eye on a cake decorating set because next year I am determined to learn how to make a beautifully decorated cake. 

Williams-Sonoma also has a great selection of cookbooks. I spent a decent amount of time perusing several cookbooks looking for recipe inspiration and admiring the beautiful pictures. I am sucker for beautiful photography of food, if only the food actually looked like that when you made it. Wishful thinking right?

If you've never checked out Williams-Sonoma I highly recommend finding one in your area and checking it out. It is such a fun store for anyone who likes baking and cooking. 

Today we took down our Christmas tree, which always makes me sad. I love looking at the beautifully twinkling lights. Christmas is officially over :(

As you prepare for the New Year be sure to check back soon for ideas on how to make a New Years resolution that you won't give up on. Also, you won't want to miss my recipe for homemade healthy cinnamon rolls with a fraction of the calories of Cinnabon. Be sure to check back soon! I hope you had a great Christmas and hope you click back soon!

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