Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lake Days

Lake days are my favorite days and Sunday was the perfect lake day. The sun was out, the temperature was near perfect and not a rain cloud was in sight! After all the hard work of getting the boat ready my dad and I enjoyed the fruits of our labor and went out for a boat ride, we even took Cora with us.

Cora was terrified of the boat last year, but she did much better this time around. She was still scared, but when we stopped the boat she came out from hiding, sniffed around and explored. Before Cora I had a dog who LOVED the boat, so it's hard having Cora be so scared of the boat. Anyone have any tips that could help us get her to like the boat?

I NEVER take selfies, but nothing like a boating selfie! The breeze made helped keep us cool on the lake. No makeup and a messy bun, but who cares?! It's summer! 

My go to snack, which is perfect for the beach, has been apple chips. I found them at Kroger when I was there over the weekend and they are addicting! I also love that they're made in Michigan. The company's website is http://naturestreatsltd.com/ if you're interested in checking them out- I highly recommend you do they are amazing!

I seriously adore this picture! After coming back from our boat ride Cora went to the end of the dock and was investigating the boat, it was so cute! It gives me hope that one day she will like going on the boat. 

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