Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hectic Ramblings

I started this post at 5:55 this morning. It's now 5:05 in the afternoon- if that is any indication how insane my life has been the past number of weeks. Please forgive me if I misspell something or suddenly start speaking gibberish as I am extremely sleep deprived. 

Yesterday was just hectic. I spent all morning and most of the afternoon running around doing errands for my parents and getting ready to leave for a mini-vacation. Even though I was tired I wanted to make sure I started my day off on the right foot, so I dragged my tired butt to the gym. I ended up getting in one of the best workouts I've had in a long time and I got to watch the beautiful sunrise over the stationary bike next to me. 

After I scrubbed up from my sweat session I was off to go grocery shopping at Meijer and ran Costco for my mom. I do not enjoy going to Costco at all. There are WAY too many people, kids running around screaming and people blocking the aisles to get free samples.

Once I unloaded all my groceries I was off to UPS to ship a package. My tummy was majorly grumbling, mostly because it was way past my lunch time. I was too tired to make something and thankfully Panera Bread is right next door to UPS. 

You have to be careful ordering at Panera. They try to make all their food come across as healthy when a lot of it really isn't. I ordered the Strawberry Poppyseed and Chicken Salad minus the poppyseed- I don't like salad dressing. The salad hit the spot perfectly and all the fresh fruit was to die for!

I have to go finish packing, but have a good weekend and I promise I will have more posts up soon!

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