Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Catch Up: Weekend At Home Recap Part 2

When I don't know what to make for lunch I tend to look for leftovers hiding out in the refrigerator. While I was home I made pineapple chicken skewers for dinner. I love leftover pineapple chicken skewers. They are almost better the next day because they really absorb the pineapple flavor and are insanely delicious. Sunday morning I came back from church and was starving. I was that person at church whose stomach kept rumbling. After getting home, washing hands and changing I made a bee line for the fridge. 

I had pulled out the pineapple chicken skewer, some leftover Italian herb veggies and some leftover cut up bell peppers and threw it into a bowl with a bit of spring mix lettuce. Whala I had lunch. My dad called it a garbage disposal salad because I mixed everything together. The name was gross, but semi fitting. 

I also tried a Dannon light and fit strawberry banana greek yogurt for the first time. I am huge fan of their vanilla greek yogurt (if you haven't already noticed) so I was excited to try this. I am not a fan of yogurt that has fruit chunks in it, but surprisingly these weren't large gross chunks. It was actually really good, plus I broke apart a piece of my favorite perfect pumpkin bread and threw it in with the yogurt. It sounds weird, but I promise it was really good! 

I need to get back to the gigantic pile of homework, projects and studying that currently surrounds me :( Have a great night and if anyway wants an extra project to do I have more than enough to go around!

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