Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Perfect Fall Day

The weather has been rather crummy and freezing here the past few days and today it SNOWED. It reminds me winter and dreaded snowstorms are coming (UGH). I like snow for Christmas and New Year's and then it can go back to being 80 and sunny, if only right? 

Two weeks ago we had one of those rare perfect falls days. It was sunny, 72 degrees and absolutely perfect. Of course it was a Monday, but I wasn't about to let the good weather go to waste! I only have one class on Monday, so one of my friends and I decided to drive into Grand Rapids and enjoy the glorious weather before class. 

We walked along the river front and just enjoyed the view. I have never explored downtown or the riverfront before, but there is a lot to do! Since it was a Monday we had the riverfront almost entirely to ourselves. 

I never take selfies, I think they're awkward and for the most part I don't understand why people feel the need to document themselves 24/7, but it was one of those rare days when my naturally wavy hair was actually cooperating so I thought why not? 

This is my favorite picture I took while we were walking. The blue bridge is a local icon and I think the color is pretty cool. There was a decent amount of people walking, running and enjoying the views on it. 

Of course it was the warmest day of fall and I had my favorite crockpot chicken and vegetable soup cooking in the crockpot. I am definitely not complaining because the weather was gorgeous, and it got cold the day after so the soup turned out to be a good thing. Here's to dreaming about warm and sunny days...

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