Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Journey

Long flights give me the opportunity to catch up on my backlog of posts. At least that’s what I told myself anyway.

My first flight was short, only an hour and a half so I didn’t feel like dragging my laptop out. My second flight was four hours and by that time I had been up almost 24 hours with the time zone changes so I slept. On my third flight and I finally pulled out my laptop.

I don’t mind flying but last night was downright stressful. I had a connecting in Minneapolis/St. Paul but I only had 15 minutes between flights. Of course my first flight pushed back from the gate and there was a maintenance problem (just my luck). Fifteen minutes later I was starting to panic, I could not afford to get into Minn. late. We finally took off late and managed to land only a few minutes late.

I had a carry on suitcase, but the overhead bins were so small I had have it checked gate side. By the time I got my I had eight minutes to run from the beginning of terminal C to the middle of terminal F. No stress there right? I was literally running through the airport. When I reached terminal D a worker told me to get on the tram and it would get me to F faster, only problem was they told me to get on the wrong tram! It took me back to the beginning of C! I was in full-fledged panic and sprinted through the airport like a mad woman. I was hurling “excuse me’s” like no one’s business. I made it to my gate looking like I had run a marathon, but I made it. My section was almost finished boarding.

I got into LAX early, but our gate was occupied so we spent the next half hour driving around the airport until a gate could be found for us. By then I was exhausted and really just wanted a hot shower. I hoped on the hotel shuttle and finally got a shower and crashed into bed by midnight. I had four hours until my wake up call.

Thankfully I am planner so I had packed a quick breakfast. I had picked up a straw propeller gluten free single serving oatmeal cup, maple flavored, at Target and had a small banana with a Jif naturals on the go peanut butter container. The oatmeal was so delicious-definitely the best gluten free oatmeal I’ve had. I also had a cup of coffee because the hotel had a Keurig in the room. I HATE COFFEE but I needed something since I was running on so little sleep.

LAX security was pretty dead since it was so early. I made it to the gate with plenty of time to spare so I just chilled out. The last leg of the journey seemed to drag by but we finally landed in Maui! 

After finally getting unloaded and settled we headed out to pick up groceries. I don't like to constantly eat out. One it's crazy expensive and two I much rather make my own meals so I can put in everything I like. We did go out to dinner last night because after two long days of flying no one felt like cooking. 

Today is going to be a relaxing beach day. I have to do some research while I am here, but I am going to soak up every minute of warmth. The warm weather also brings much needed relief to my lupus pains. I think that is a viable excuse to move! 

I am off to enjoy my first workout in paradise! Have a great Saturday and aloha from paradise!  

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