Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday Thoughts #2

I have totally been slacking on the blogging. This week has just been a weird week between moving home and running around to a million different places. With everything going on I have been totally drained and the lupus has not been helping things. A few weeks ago I did a Thursday Thoughts post and I liked doing it so I thought I'd do another one. Maybe it will be a regular thing?

1. Tomorrow is the first day of MAY! How in the world did that sneak up so quickly? Less than two weeks until Mother's Day (friendly reminder)! May is Lupus awareness month, which is something I am really passionate about and I have a special post for tomorrow that I am really excited about. Wear purple in May to support those with lupus and efforts for lupus research!

2. I made spicy falafel on Tuesday (I will get my recipe up soon). OH MY GOODNESS! It is the BOMB! There are endless ways to enjoy it and I can't get enough. My vegetarian friends may be pulling me over to the other side...

3. Everyone thinks I'm really weird because I genuinely enjoy grocery shopping (and nope there's no meat in that cart!). I hate clothes shopping. Working retail destroyed the fondness I had for shopping. Now I have zero patience to go and wander the mall for hours. No thank you. Grocery shopping it planned, organized, and I find picking out fruits and veggies far more enjoyable than picking out a shirt. Weird? Maybe, but I'll stick to picking out strawberries over clothes any day.

4. Speaking of shopping I had to go shopping to get a few pieces for my new job/internship. UGH. I had the stores I wanted to go to mapped out so I could get in and out as quickly as possible. Surprisingly it wasn't headache/give me a glass of wine now painful. I managed to find a few pieces in my size (a feat in itself) and I can pair them with things I already have. And I officially own a pencil skirt. Does that make me an adult? 

5. Ready for a good laugh? At school I have a gym at the place I live, so I don't have a membership anywhere. I'm not home a ton so I normally do a drop in someplace. Since I will be home for a number of months I wanted to join a gym. All of the places where $200-$300, which would be totally fine if I wasn't a broke college student and lived at home all year. One place was willing to give me a three month membership for $180. The regular price was $200. Such a deal. So I scummed to the place I loathe. Planet fitness. Don't get me wrong you can get a good workout there, but the trainers aren't qualified, there's a lunk alarm, some of the people are total creeps, and they serve pizza and bagels. It was cheap and I save a ton of money but holy cow serving pizza and bagels?! REALLY?! Can we sound the lunk alarm for that?

6. I found out Sam (of Love Live Balance) is in the same Katie Fit Script challenge group as me! I signed up with Katie at Sam's recommendation and have not regretted it for a moment. I am doing the relentless resolution challenge again and highly recommend it. I do the workouts in addition to my normal workouts and trust me you will work up a good sweat! Katie is really awesome and super supportive so go and check her out.

I'll stop there for now. I'm sure I will have plenty of Planet Fitness tales to tell over the summer- be prepared. Have a good Thursday!

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