Friday, April 17, 2015

What's Not to Love About Maui?

I really don't think it's possible to wake up in a bad mood in Maui. Waking up to a gorgeous day, the ocean, and palm trees what could possibly be better? After working out I loved sitting on the lanai just watching the waves and soaking in the tropical air. Mornings are always so peaceful.

Hibiscus are one of my favorite flowers. They come in all colors of the rainbow and they are everywhere in Hawaii! When/if I buy a house in Hawaii I will most definitely be having a lot of hibiscus around my yard!

A lot of days we spent lounging by the ocean or the pool so we'd just go back and make lunch ourselves. Normally I'd have some type of salad and just throw in whatever we had in the fridge. Normally it would include a mix of greens, tomato slices, diced avocado, maybe some bell pepper, feta cheese, a hard boiled egg and some spices. 

One of the best parts of Hawaii is the variety of fruits and vegetables available. A few of my friends who live around the U.S. had been raving about purple sweet potatoes. I searched every grocery I could find and could never find purple sweet potatoes. When I found purple sweet potatoes in Maui I did a happy dance! They are so good and I definitely prefer them to regular sweet potatoes. Sadly you can't bring fruits and vegetables back to the mainland from Hawaii (and vice versa) otherwise I would have brought back like five pounds of purple sweet potatoes in my suitcase (totally weird I know).

Sometimes as a morning or afternoon snack I'd get an açai bowl- any time is a good time for an açai bowl! I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in açai bowls while I was in Maui...

One afternoon while I was snacking on an açai bowl on the lanai I was treated to a gorgeous rainbow! It was so vibrant over part of the mountains! Rainbows are another one of my favorite things about Maui. Really I just love everything about Maui- all the more reason to move!

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