Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thursday Thoughts #3

Holy cow this week has been crazy busy, hence why this post is just being written with only a few hours left of Thursday. BUT I wanted to carry on the recent tradition of sharing a few Thursday thoughts.

1. I tend to stick to Dannon greek because its low in sugar, high in protein, and not packed with a ton of ingredients. This caught my eye and I'm gad I tried it because it's really good! I normally HATE yogurt with fruit in it- it's normally "fake fruit" and mushy and just nasty, but this was really, really good. The chia seeds were a great with the yogurt. It was low in sugar and had 12 grams of protein making it a great snack! In case you're wondering I found it at Meijer.

2. I officially started my new job/internship at the TV station this week! It's been an interesting experience already- some of the things people call in about are seriously ridiculous. This was my first day outfit. I found the dress at Macy's (on sale-whoop whoop!!) and the necklace I have had for about a year, but it's from Forever 21. I paired it with nude flats. The dress is the perfect length for the office and I felt great in it! 

3. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ALL OF MY READERS!! Seriously you guys (and ladies!) are the BEST!! The amount of love and support I have gotten from this post just blows my mind!! I know I have already said thank you, but I cannot fully convey how much all of the messages, texts, emails and everything means to me! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! And major shout out to Sam for being so sweet and reposting it on her blog! Sam you are seriously the sweetest <3

4. My morning workouts have been on point this week! This morning I did the power workout from the program Relentless Resolutions I am doing from Katie Ringley. I did it at the start of the year and decided to restart it. This morning I was dead after doing my regular weight lifting and cardio workout and the power workout. Plus I was starving after! 

5. I have been loving all the fresh early summer fruits! I'm pretty sure I have eaten my weight in strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. It was such a gorgeous day today- it was 82!!- that of course I had to have a parfait after my workout. I added a blob of Justin's vanilla almond butter- I am currently obsessed with that nut butter, it's SO GOOD!

6. Finally, I have been putting together a small giveaway- I am a college girl on an extremely small budget, but I still want to do something nice for all of you! Let me know if there is anything you really want me to include! I want to keep most of it a surprise, but I will say I am including some of my favorite items :)

Happy Thursday everyone!

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