Tuesday, June 23, 2015

21st Birthday/Father's Day Weekend Recap

This past weekend went by so fast!! I feel like I blinked and everything was over, but it was a fun weekend!! I turned 21 on the 21st, but this year Father's Day fell on my birthday so I had to share the day with my dad. I didn't mind sharing, in fact it was fun to celebrate together!!

Friday I had to go to the Apple store for my laptop-and I really don't enjoy going to the Apple store. One of my friends went with me so we made an afternoon of it and wandered around the mall afterward. I was finally able to get my hands on the new mint chocolate chunk Quest Bars while I was at the mall. I don't like mint, but I wanted to try it and actually I was pleasantly surprised. 

I thought the entire bar would be minty, but it wasn't. The only mint part was the mint chunks, other than that the bar was basically a regular chocolate chunk Quest Bar. Overall I give it 6.5 or 7 out of 10- it's not my favorite Quest bar, but it isn't my least favorite either. I've been told it's like Girl Scout thin mint cookies, but I have no clue what those taste like. 

Saturday was just a really awesome day. I got to spend a lot of time outside playing with Cora since it was so beautiful out. Then after running some errands I came home to the BEST SURPRISE EVER!!! A package from Sam!! It was so incredibly thoughtful and everything in it is amazing!!

I am dying from deliciousness with Sam's homemade nut butter!! Almond butter and honey roasted peanut butter- let me tell you I eat both by the SPOONFUL and I feel no shame! Sam most definitely could have a nut butter empire on her hands because I would pay big bucks for those yummy jars! Both get so thick in the fridge it's kind of ridiculous. I may have to start rationing these babies out so they last!

Sunday, my actual birthday and Father's Day, was a fairly low key day. Of course I went to the gym in the morning and on my way out two of my favorite workers gave me a birthday card! It seriously made my day! I am improving on my dead lifts now that I can do them again, but let me tell you I was SORE later, no pain no gain though right?! Haha. After the gym I had a s'more quest bar and I felt cheated! That big hole should have been a big chunk, but nope it was a gaping hole :( 

We celebrated my dad and gave him his presents before church in the morning. I also had a giant stuffed bear set aside for Cora (because she needs a present on my birthday too) and let me tell you it was hilarious to watch her try to lug the thing around! The bear is almost as big as she is!! After dinner my parents gave me gifts, which I asked them not to do! Sadly there was no puppy, but I did get Quest protein powder which I am totally excited about since I was almost out :D

A major thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes, I really appreciate them! And another MAJOR THANK YOU to Sam for the awesome package, I can't wait to hug you in person soon!!

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