Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday Thoughts #10

1. Let's talk Quest Bars shall we? I was so excited because this week Kroger started carrying Quest Bars!! Whoop whoop!! On another Quest note I find myself wanting a mint chocolate chunk quest bar, like what is happening to me?! I don't like mint...oh Quest you've got me reaching outside my bubble! But really how can one not want one when there are those minty chunks?!

2. On a total opposite food note remember when I said I was on a green bean kick? Yeah well that has officially ended. Yesterday at lunch the green beans were mushy and I wanted to gag. Even thinking about those green beans makes my stomach turn. Back to my broccoli kick.

3. Cora got this giant stuffed bear on my birthday and she's a little obsessed with it. Watching her try to get it in her crate is hilarious let alone there's hardly any room in there for her. As I write this Cora is busy destuffing the bear. It looks like a snow storm in my living room.

4. And this is Cora begging me to play with her. She's like "Mom come on play with me and my bear." That face is hard to resist.

5. NUT BUTTER WITHDRAWALS! The struggle is real guys. My doctor told me to go a week without nut butters to see if it could be the cause of some stomach issues. How am I supposed to go a week without nut butters, especially when I have Sam's homemade nut butters staring me in the face when I open the fridge?! I may need nut butters anonymous... 

I'm off to plíe (after lifting this morning aka sore buns later!). Have a great Thursday! 

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