Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thursday Thoughts #8

1. This will probably be short as I'm getting ready to head out the door to a barre pilates class! My cousin and I started going to a fitness studio near us and we are trying out a bunch of different classes. Last Saturday was piyo, Wednesday nights are always yoga, and today is barre! I'm excited because I've heard to much about this type of class, however, I'm also a horrible dancer (although I do a mean sprinkler). Here's to hoping I don't injure anyone else- or myself.

2. Praise the lord for individual almond butter packs! I carry this giant journalist bag to work and apparently when you have a nut butter problem you carry packs of nut butter in there...this bad boy saved me at work when I was stuck there late. Plus I never say no to almond butter!

3. 10 DAYS UNTIL MY 21ST BIRTHDAY!!!! I'm only a little excited if you can't tell :) Most of my friends have been 21 for months or they are a year or two older than me. They go to Painting with a Twist all the time but guess who could never go? Yup, me! Now that I will officially be able to go we are planning a party- I'm not a good painter but maybe wine will bring out my creative side- or not.

4. The dog that can't be kept out of the lake smells like the lake- YUCK! I don't even know what to do anymore. I give her oatmeal baths (she has sensitive skin) and we have doggie deodorant spray but we just can't keep her smelling nice. I guess until winter rolls around and the lake freezes Cora will just smell like the lake...ugh.

5. When a restaurant does not have gluten free options I make it gluten free! I went out to eat a few days ago and they didn't have any gluten free options, so I modified a greek salad to make it gluten free. I let everyone else eat the chicken skewers and humus as I wasn't sure what was in the humus. It also came with a side of pita bread but I asked them to hold the bread. The salad was still delicious, the beets were so good!

6. Last one before I have to run out the door (semi-late). One of my friends sent this too me and I literally laughed out loud. It's so true! I always come in looking nice and by the end it looks like I got chewed up and spit out! 

Have a great Thursday! 

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