Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday Thoughts #9

1. THIS.MADE.MY.DAY! I literally laughed so hard when I saw this!! It's just too funny not to laugh!! This is how I felt today after going to the gym lifting weights (the gym is back open!!!!!!) and doing cardio and then going to a plíe class- holy moly QUADS ON FIRE!!

2. If you want to make a treat that everyone is guaranteed to befriend you to get one these bad boys would be them- s'mores brownies. S'mores are a fairly common summer treat and one of my coworkers loves s'mores, so I brought in s'mores brownies to the office-they did not last long! One of my coworkers dropped a not so subtle hint that the triple chocolate cookies were her favorite...hehe I love my coworkers! Let me know if you want the recipes for the brownies!

3. How in the world do people take full body shots of their outfits?! #Strugglelife but really maybe I'm dumb and I know I suck at selfies cause I loathe them but maybe I need a for dummies book. Anyway I loved this outfit combo for work- a lacy white tank (found on amazon), a pink/salmon colored pencil skirt (found at H&M), and a light blue flower necklace (found at Forever 21 last year). It was light weight and kept me cool, but still looked professional. I'm semi enjoying dressing girly for work, which is totally weird for me!

4. Totally one of my favorite lunches so far for work! I haven't had green beans and mushrooms in forever and holy moly they were so good- and the strawberries are to die for now! I LOVE summer fruit! I'm now craving green beans, the struggles of a veggie lover haha!

5. Last Friday I had the pleasure of going to secretary of state to get a new drivers license because I'm finally turning 21 (on Sunday!!!). I got there a maybe 20 minutes after they opened and there was already 30 people ahead of me. I'm no dummy though and I was prepared. I whipped out a Quest Bar and proceeded to happily snack and look through my instagram feed. Let me tell you you get some mighty strange looks from people when you start snacking there- tough crowd!

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday, hang in there it's almost the weekend (and my birthday)!!! 

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