Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday Bodyweight Workout

Good morning and happy Tuesday!! I am happy to report the sun is shinning for the first time in what feels like forever!! I have to work today, but the sunshine will be enjoyed on my morning drive instead of the usual rain. 

The gym is closed today and tomorrow for "renovations," so I was stuck doing my workout at home. Needless to say I will be banging down the door at 5am on Thursday when they reopen (so much for a 24/7 gym). Anyway I decided to ditch the cardio this morning and went with a bodyweight workout instead.

Normally I will just start working out and do the exercises as they come, but today I had a slight plan in mind. I did circuits and let me tell you I was definitely sweating! Each circuit is only 4 moves, but on the second time around I increased the number of reps by 5 or 10. You can rest between circuits, but try not to rest more than 30 seconds- keep that heart rate up! 

If you're up for a challenge once you've gone through all the circuits twice go through circuits 1-4 all in a row as supersets-aka no rest between sets. The only equipment I used for this workout was an ab roller (bought for cheap on amazon) and a medicine ball (also bought on amazon). If you don't have those things use things you do have- heavy books, big jugs of water, etc. 

Here's to bodyweight workouts and a what will be a great Tuesday! 

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