Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Seven #8

I have been slacking off of my Sunday Seven posts for awhile and that needs to change! Before I head home from my weekend in PA I wanted to share my favorites from this week..

1. Happy National Ice Cream Day!! Yup it is seriously a holiday and best of all this year your puppies can get in on the actions! PetSmart PetsHotel locations are giving away free doggie safe ice cream TODAY at all locations, all you have to do is bring your dog in! There are no strings attached at all, just simple and pure ice cream goodness, plus it's a great way for your pup to cool off from this summer heat! Find a PetSmart PetsHotel location here

2. This was my favorite week day surprise! Triple layer chocolate piñata cake because birthdays are supposed to be celebrated! I made this bad boy for a coworkers birthday and just seeing the look on everybody's faces when they saw the cake was filled with M&M's (an office favorite) made it worthwhile. Making other people smile with something as simple as baking makes my heart so full <3

3. Wink frozen desserts! I finally found it and was able to give it a try (I will get a review up sometime this week). There were a lot more flavors than arctic zero, plus its totally allergen friendly, and topped with San Clemente Cookie Dough Brownie No Frownie (use code RACHAELMINER for 10% off your order!) It was a relaxing snack and totally macro friendly!

4. Elli Quark. I posted my review of two of the flavors on Friday (no it was NOT a sponsored post), and I really was surprised by how good it was. It's much thicker than regular greek yogurt and there is WAY more protein. Definitely a good once in awhile treat because it is a bit expensive.

5. PENNSYLVANIA!! I MADE IT TO PITTSBURGH!! WHOOP WHOOP!! The drive felt like it took forever, shout out to Ohio who has MILES of the Ohio Turnpike closed and not a worker in sight...UGH. But I made it and I love it! Sam and Amanda have been nothing short of amazing as hosts! They have showed me around the beautiful city, we've shopped, eaten delicious food, and had tons of laughs! These girls are such a blessing in my life and I am very sad to leave :(

6. Another reason I'm sad to leave Pittsburgh is this view in the morning while eating breakfast. I have been enjoying breakfast while watching the sunrise here and it's so peaceful. I will definitely be back, hopefully during hockey season to see the Penguins play, but I also miss my puppy! 

7. WILD FRIENDS NUT BUTTERS! Ok so maybe I'll just have Cora shipped out to Pittsburgh because I can buy Wild Friends here! I wanted to buy a giant case of it so I could take it home, but I think it would get too melty in the car driving home- major sad face :(

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! Get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather :)

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