Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday Thoughts #12

1. Nothing like the dogs days of summer...bad pun I know :) Cora has been loving the warm weather because it means extra lake time and she never says no to extra lake time. The water has been warm like bathwater and it has been amazing. I could spend all day floating in the lake and Cora would be content to swim and chase her frisbee in the lake all day.

2. I seriously LOVE Trader Joe's. All of their ready made salads look delicious and last week I got a chicken and roasted beet salad. The macros for the salad were really good, I didn't use the dressing (I don't like salad dressing), and it kept me full for a long time. 

3. I also bought kale sprout from Trader Joe's. Kale sprouts are my favorite- shout out to Sam and Amanda for getting me obsessed with them! I am already planning on making a special trip out to Trader Joe's just so I can get some more.

4. Last weekend I made a paleo english muffin and holy moly it was DELICIOUS! I really wasn't expecting it to turn out, but since it did turn out I can't wait to make it as a bunch of other sandwiches. 

5. This week I've gotten to try a bunch of GoMacro bars thanks to my sweet friend Dani (who by the way just had the cutest baby ever!). They have all been really good (I will get a review up soon), but so far my favorite flavor has been the granola and coconut. It tastes like the tropics! 

6. Speaking of trying new things I finally got my hands on bai5! I tried the Molokai Coconut and it's really good! I drank it down by the lake, which was perfect because it was so hot out! I will get a full review up soon! 

Is there any (new) products you've tried recently--thoughts? Have a fantastic Thursday everyone! 

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