Sunday, August 30, 2015

Back to the Swing of Things

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth I swear! I apologize for my extreme lack of postings this past week, I have been moving back to school so I have been up to my ears in boxes and packaging tape. So, now that that is over I have so major catching up to do including posts from vacation, new product reviews, and new recipes to post! 

It's way past it, but National Dog Day was earlier in the week and thinking about it has me missing my pup! I've been missing my nutty cuddle buddy who has WAY too much energy for her own good. 

Friday I drove out to school and I got stuck for over an hour in traffic because a large portion of the freeway was shut down. I ended up getting back to campus way later than I planned and I wasn't the happiest of campers (traffic does that to a person). Thankfully I was smart enough to pack food for lunch and dinner because I did not want to fight the crowds at the grocery store.

For lunch I packed a paleo english muffin stacked with lettuce, tomato, beets, banana peppers, avocado, and sliced turkey breast. Literally the exact same sandwich in the picture above. I also had a carbmaster vanilla yogurt with strawberries, blackberries, and some Purely Elizabeth pumpkin fig granola. 

In between unpacking I checked the mail and aside from all the pizza flyers I will never need I had a package waiting for me! I get really excited when I get mail that's not bills! The awesome people at Nuts 'N More sent me two of their peanut butters to try out. Thankfully my stomach has been better and able to handle some peanut butter- I went almost two weeks without peanut butter and it was terrible! I am most definitely looking forward to trying both of these out and will post a full review of both.

I always think it's strange how hours can fly by without me ever noticing. Before I knew it my stomach was grumbling for dinner and it was well past my normal dinner time. I had grilled salmon the night before and packed leftovers for dinner the next night (Friday night). The salmon is seasoned with lemon peel seasoning and some kind of seafood seasoning my mom and I found at Costco. I also packed leftover steamed green beans- seasoned with garlic and greek seasoning, and sliced up a red delicious apple. It was an incredibly lazy, but delicious dinner.

After dinner I attempted to curl up with a book but only managed to make it a few pages in before I crashed. I've been reading Plum Upside Down by Valerie Comber- it's part of a Farm Fresh series that I got hooked on when I got the first book free on Amazon Kindle. I love all the books in the series, plus they're great books because you don't have to read the first book to understand the fifth book. If you're looking for a good read I highly recommend the series, it's an easy fun read!

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