Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pet Summertime Safety: Preparing for Fall

I'm sad to say, but fall is approaching. I have already seen multiple leaves on the ground that have changed colors :( Summer is by far my favorite season and while I do love crisp fall mornings I never look forward to winter. Cora is definitely a summer dog too, she lives for long days outside chasing squirrels and playing in the lake. While the dog days of summer may be behind us it's time to start preparing for fall, which also means getting your pet ready for the cooler weather. I've teamed up with PetSmart to give pet owners tips on how to keep your pet safe for the end of summer.

1. The long days of summer are slowly slipping away, which means we are losing daylight. With less daylight it can be hard to get outside and walk or play with your pup, or if you are outside you may be in the dark. To keep both you and your pet safe in the early morning or evening wear reflective clothing so other people and motorists can see you and your pet. Also consider taking a flashlight so you can always see what's in front of you and never walk in unfamiliar areas, especially when it's dark. 

2. If you can't get outside as much with your pup try finding an indoor dog run in your area. Not all areas have them and if your area doesn't another great way to get your pet some exercise and socialization time is by dropping them off at PetSmart Doggie Day Camp. Your dog will get to play with other dogs of the same size and there are tons of toys in the play area for him/her to play with. Your dog will come back tired, but having had a blast! 

3. Snow is (unfortunately) coming. Cora loves the snow and would spend all day outside if I'd let her, but like humans dogs can get hurt from spending too much time outside in the cold/snow. Ice or snow can get stuck in a dogs pawpads and be extremely painful, an easy way to avoid this is by getting dog boots or socks. There are a variety of options so you can find the best one for your pet and if dog boots aren't for your dog then limit your dogs outdoor time and check their pawpads for any snow or ice that may have gotten stuck.

4. Chilly mornings and nights may have us reaching for a cup of hot tea or cocoa, but certain foods can be deadly for pets. It's a good idea to keep any and all food out of reach of your pet, and that includes item you would never think of eating. Cleaning chemicals, deicers, and salt used on your driveways and walkways should be kept up and out of reach for pets because they can be deadly if consumed. If you want an easy and pet safe treat Cora loves these peanut butter dog treats, best of all there's only four ingredients and they're ridiculously easy to make and Cora gives them two paws up :)

5. Fall clean up, let's be honest no one likes it. Raking leaves and cleaning up sticks isn't my idea of a fun afternoon, but it must be done. I don't ever let Cora run through leaf piles because you don't know what could be in the piles. Sharp sticks or other objects may be in there that you can't see and you don't want your pup getting hurt. Let alone there could be other things in the leaf piles, like ticks or fleas that your pup can get.

Fall is a great time of year, even if it does mean winter is coming, but taking a few steps to prepare ensures an easy transition to the cooler months. With the wacky weather we've had this summer we could have a heatwave and an Indian Summer- my fingers are crossed for that! If you're planning one last road trip for summer check out my tips on how to keep your pet safe on the road here, and don't forget my water safety and beat the heat tips!

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