Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I want to try to catch up on posts so I've got to do a few backposts, hopefully they'll make sense and won't get you all jumbled up. 

Over the summer I got really into porch sitting. Maybe it's because I'm really an old lady stuck in a 20 something body, but I really came to enjoy ending the day sitting on the porch watching the sun set over the lake. A lot of times I'd have a snack with me and often it was fresh fruit. One of my favorite fruit "salad" combos is lemondrop melon, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries. It was my go to over the summer, plus it's a healthy sweet treat! 

A few days before I left for school I was driving back from the gym and the sun was just beginning to rise (it's rising so late now!). It was an absolutely breathtaking view that I just have to share. No photo could do it justice. I wanted to pull over and just soak it in.

One of the last days I was home I gave Cora a new toy. I figure if I'm abandoning her (not by choice) then she should at least get a parting gift. Her toy box is already overflowing, what can I say I spoil her rotten, but she needed something else. I have a secret stash of toys where she can't reach them that I will pull one out for her every once in awhile- crazy dog lady status I know. Every time she gets a new toy she does a "sniff test." No joke she will sniff the toy until it is soaking wet and then start playing with it- she's a nut I know. 

Cora definitely approved of her new toy and was pulling the whole "I'm not going to look at the camera" thing. Normally she's a ham in front of the camera. She always knows when I have my iphone camera up because she will get right up in it and sniff or cock her head, such a diva. Needless to say I miss her hamming it up for me...hehe :)


  1. Layla does the same thing with her new toys-- I call it her "sniff-spection" haha! Cora is such a cutie :) I wish Layla would pose like that for me. Hope you're doing well with the start of the semester!!

  2. I thought Cora was the only dog who did that!! Maybe its equivalent to a taste test for humans? Thank you- the start of the semester has been CRAZY!! How are you doing? Have you tried any dairy free proteins?