Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Power Pak Pudding Fit & Lean Review

I should never be allowed to wander around a health food store unsupervised because I always find so many products I want to try. While stocking up on a few items to take back to school I stumbled across Power Pak Pudding Fit & Lean. I had seen it a few times while scrolling through my instagram feed and it sounded interesting. 

Power Pak Pudding is a gluten free pudding packed with protein and contains 0 grams of sugar. The macros for a single serving cup are 5C/2.5F/15P- 100 calories, kinda crazy right? Just so you know the pudding does contain milk and soy. Power Pak Fit & Lean is much pricier than normal pudding- it runs about $2.99 per 4.5 oz container. You might be able to buy a six pack of pudding cups for that (do they still make those or are those a thing of the 90's?).

I bought the dutch chocolate flavor and cautiously tasted it before putting any toppings on. To be honest, the flavor was very synthetic. I don't fully remember what pudding tastes like, but this definitely tasted fake. To make sure I wasn't crazy I had my mom try some too and she said the same thing. It wasn't a gosh awful taste, but it wasn't something I'd pick again. 

I chopped up a Quest Nutrition Quest Cravings bar and threw it in with the pudding, which definitely helped in the taste department. Side note- I don't know what has changed, but holy moly the Quest Cravings cups have become so much more moist and amazing! 

Overall I'd give the pudding a 3/10 for taste. It's definitely looks like regular pudding so you could easily fool someone there, but taste wise there's a difference. The synthetic taste just didn't do it for me and it's not something I'd buy again. 

I was not paid or compensated to do this post. I purchased the product with my own money and all opinions are my own. 

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