Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was filled with homework, yuck. That is the one thing I am looking forward to the most about post grad life- no homework! Anyway on Thursday while I was walking on campus there was a pregnancy center handing out roses to students advertising free pregnancy testing. I happily accepted the rose because who doesn't want a free rose?! I don't need the testing, but I like pretty flowers so it's now in a vase on the counter. 

Friday morning was the usual grocery shopping after my workout. For whatever reason I just haven't been hungry recently so I had a light lunch. I made a paleo english muffin and topped it with PB2 and half a banana. This is going to seem crazy, especially coming from a self proclaimed nut butter addict, but I've been having an aversion to peanut butter. Ever since I wasn't able to have it for a few weeks it makes my stomach turn. Hopefully that will change soon (fingers crossed). I also had a plain Siggi's yogurt and added in some Purely Elizabeth granola. Siggi's is by far my favorite plain yogurt. It's so thick and it's not sour at all like other plain yogurts. I actually prefer the plain to the vanilla, craziness I know. Later on I munched on some green grapes. 

I know it's passed, but I think it's important to mention. Friday was the 14th anniversary of 9/11. In some way it seems like a lot longer than 14 years, especially since I was so young when it happened, but whenever I see the videos it always makes me tear up. I still can't comprehend it all. My heart goes out to the families and friends of all those affected.

Saturday and Sunday were fairly lame days, both involved homework and not much else. Saturday night I lost track of time and before I knew it it was way past dinner time and I still hadn't eaten (again not hungry). I knew I needed to eat something, so I popped some salmon in the oven, steamed some veggies and cut up a little watermelon and called it good. 

Not an overly exciting weekend I know, but hey at least I got some of my homework done. Now if only I could catch a break from homework that would be fabulous! Have a great Wednesday everyone! 

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