Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fox Hill Kitchens Review

Happy Thursday! I want to say a major thank you for all the support I've received for my post about World Lupus Day! All of your kind words, emails, instagram comments, etc. have meant so much to me and I'm slowly working to reply to all of them! 

I'm super pumped about today's post because I was able to taste test some of Fox Hill Kitchens awesome products! I was blown away by the companies generosity when they shipped me a package because they included a little bit of everything for me to try. Let me just say, since being gluten free I have yet to find a bread that I liked. I've tried just about every gluten free bread I could find and everything tasted like cardboard. I gave up because it wasn't worth the time or the money (gluten free bread isn't cheap!). So, when I came across Fox Hill Kitchens my interest was immediately piqued. How could something be 'bread' if it wasn't made from grains?! 

Let me tell you their products are fabulous! The day after I received the package I made a sandwich for lunch, which I haven't had in YEARS. I used one of their large buns to make a turkey, lettuce, avocado, and tomato sandwich. The result was so good I wanted to cry tears of joy! The bun tasted AMAZING! It is a little chewier than I remember bread being, but it's fluffy, light, and so tasty-> no cardboard taste here! My family thought it was a little strange that I was so happy over bread, but when you haven't had a sandwich in years things like this are a BIG DEAL! I have also used their small buns for sandwiches and they are just as good as the larger ones. I also love how versatile the buns are because they can be used for sandwiches, as an english muffin, a snack roll (smear some PB and banana slices), you can't go wrong no matter how you eat them!

Shall we talk about macros? We shall because they're AWESOME! The large buns contain only 13g carbs, 10g fat, and 7.6g protein for only 153 calories. You cannot find another bread that has that much protein and tastes this good! The small buns are also awesome coming in at 8.8g carbs, 6.8g fat, 5.4g protein for only 104 calories! 

While the macros are epic (they really are, you can't deny it) probably my favorite part about Fox Hill Kitchens are their simple ingredients: almonds, egg whites, coconut flour, psyllium husk powder, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, starch and aluminum free baking powder, and yeast. That's it. Did I mention all their ingredients are organic and non-GMO? Totally awesome! Not only are all the products delicious, but I can feel good about eating them and giving them to my family to eat because there aren't any chemicals or lord knows what else in them. Simple ingredients is the way to go folks! 

Next on deck for me to try from Fox Hill Kitchens are the everything double sided bagelz and rollz and holz. I can't wait to try them because I haven't had a dinner roll or a bagel in probably 5+ years! Head on over to Fox Hill Kitchens and check out all their awesome products and follow them on instagram, but be warned their feed will leave you drooling and hungry!


  1. I ordered from Fox Hill Kitchens and was sent moldy product. $60 for 6 bags of buns covered in mold. The owner only offered a discount for me to purchase again because she said it was "too costly" to reship.

    1. Oh my goodness I am so sorry you had such a terrible experience!! I wasn't paid to review them, but all the products were in perfect condition when I got them and they were really good. I'm so, so sorry you had a bad experience!

  2. I received my bagels and buns from them covered in mold. They will not return my voice nor email messages. What a waste of money.