Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Guest Post: Creating a Better Tomorrow

Happy Wednesday! I am so excited to be continuing the guest post series today. Today's post I'm really pumped about because it's from Sarah who blogs at Creating a Better Tomorrow. Sarah talks about being a mom, which I know nothing about (babysitting is not the same I'm told), but her post is relatable for everyone- parents or not. 

Sarah is a pretty kick butt person- she has twin boys (who are teething- I about pulled my hair out babysitting a teething child), but she still makes time to workout and eat healthy. I love the post Sarah is sharing because it's about to-do lists. As a chronic list maker I absolutely love what Sarah shares about why to-do lists aren't everything.

Here's Sarah:

Are you a to do list maker? I sure am...nothing better than an old fashioned to do list where you mark through things with a sharpie. But you know what there are problems with to do lists.  Sometimes life just doesn't follow a to do list or at least not your own to do list. Having twins has shown me many problems with to do lists.

Balanced Mom 
Problems with To Do Lists

Don't get me wrong I still makes lists daily...I still LOVE (yes I use different color sharpies and all!) crossing things off my lists each day.  BUT having these two adorable babies I barely get to anything on my to do lists other than feed babies, change babies, hold babies, pump milk...oh and perhaps sneak in eating and exercising to keep me happy. So you see I had a list of blog topics to write and draft over this past weekend on my to do list.Then these problems with to do lists popped up...but the problem are quite pleasant problems. These pleasant problems are called life and family.

I chose to completely ignore my blog to do list (yes I know terrible admission for a blogger right?! :) ) and focus on enjoying family and these babies. My in laws stayed with us, we celebrated my grandmother's birthday, I just held babies and snuggled then for no real reason other than to enjoy them.

I chose just to stare into these adorable faces!

Sure my to do list satisfaction wasn't quite met...I didn't strike through anything I'd planned on doing the past few days. And I couldn't be happier. These babies are teaching me to let go of some of my type A tendencies (don't worry I'm still oh so type A, I said only SOME :) ). And though this post wasn't on my blog to do list schedule...I thought I'd share this simple post with you that sometimes the best to do list has some major not including ENJOY LIFE.

Lots of snuggles, enjoying long walks, and just being mom - all NOT on my to do list!

So I leave you with this one simple Creating Better To Do List item:

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