Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Favorites #3

Happy Friday!! I totally dropped the ball last week with a favorites post so I have some making up to do this week, especially since I've been MIA this week but it's been a really busy week. If I could slow down time that would be fantastic because it's one of those weeks where it seems like my to do list only gets longer while nothing is getting done. Nonetheless, here are some of my favorites from this week and be on the lookout for a fun surprise tomorrow (*hint hint*)!

Buddha bowls and old friends. I've made buddha bowls on my own, mainly because I have tons of leftover veggies in my fridge that need to get eaten, but I got to see an old friend this past week and we made Buddha bowls for dinner. My friend and I both love to cook and let me tell you she makes an epic buddha bowls. She tossed butternut squash and cut up tempeh in a little taco seasoning for some flavor and roasted it. While that was roasted we made guacamole- just avocado, some seasoning and lemon juice- and homemade salsa. She also whipped up rice, sautéed black beans in some seasoning and managed to get everything done within minutes of each other, this is a talent I wish I had. Normally I get one thing finished while the other things need more cook time and yeah it's not good. Dinner was delicious and it was nice to just relax and catch up on life.

S'more brownies. Do I really need to say more? I love making these brownies because they're so easy! I've been making them for a number of years and tried a few different ways, but when I'm short on time these brownies are perfect, plus they're a sure hit. Let alone they're S'MORES and they're much less messy than the original s'mores- babysitters/nannies/parents you can thank me later. You can get the recipe here.

Emily from Beauty In Christ. I'm so happy my path crossed Emily's in the blogging world because she is beyond a doubt one of the nicest people I've ever met. Her love for Jesus shines through absolutely everything she does. I got a surprise in the mail this week from her and was just blown away by her kindness and generosity. Emily surprised me with a beautiful devotional, which I had been looking for a new one, and a canister of Amazing Grass protein. Her words of encouragement have meant so much to me, especially over this past week which has been incredibly hard and draining. 

Hemp dairy free yogurt. I've tried a lot of dairy free yogurt in the past number of months, but this is by FAR the best one I've had. It's Tempt dairy free yogurt and it's made from hemp. It's packed with 10 grams of protein which is unheard of in dairy free yogurt and it's allergy friendly. A full review of Tempt will be up next week and I'm super excited to share all the info with you (and no I'm not sponsored I just like sharing awesome products I find with you guys). Do yourself a favor and go find this yogurt ASAP!

Post-workout foam rolling. I have to admit I hate foam rolling. I've never seen any benefit from doing it so I get streaky with it. I'll do it for awhile then stop and eventually start again. Recently I started foam rolling again because I've been upping my weights and running more and I've been so sore. So far I'm still not seeing any benefit, but maybe it will eventually help. I'm willing to try just about anything to help with my tip hips and my right hip flexor. 

What have been some of your favorites from this week? 
Do you foam roll? If so, can you tell if foam rolling has made a difference?

Have a terrific Friday everyone! 


  1. We just moved and I left my foam roller at my parents house. I so desperately need it right now! Ahhhh.

    Just looked at your smore brownie recipe and I think I'll be making that this weekend!! Looks SO GOOD!

    1. Oh no, I'm sorry that stinks!!! Do you notice your foam roller really helps you? I've been trying but I just have not noticed a difference.

      Let me know what you think of it if you make it!! My friends devoured them last week in a matter of minutes. Happy Friday!!!

  2. Those s'more brownies look amazing!! I will have to make a gf version of them sometime!! And I'm one of those crazy people who loves foam rolling haha!! I feel like it helps my muscles a lot. I have tight hip flexors too so I feel your pain!! :/