Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thinking Out Loud

Happy Thursday! I know I have been MIA from the blog a LOT recently, but I wanted to get a Thinking Out Loud post in this week. I'll explain my absence more in a post tomorrow (I promise I'm ok) but sometimes you just need a break from being bombarded with so much screen time. 

This weeks TOL is all over the place, literally everywhere. I'm talking chickens, snapchat and love songs. Really it's a giant mishmosh of randomness, but that's exactly what TOL is for. I love reading everyone's TOL posts because you learn little things about other people that you wouldn't learn by following them on instagram or whatever social media platform. Are you ready for randomness? Here we go...

1. Go listen to this song right now. I cannot stop listening to it because it's one of the sweetest songs I've ever heard. I'm a hopeless romantic at heart so songs like these make my heart melt. The lyrics are so heartfelt and will make your heart swoon. Right now the song is 69 cents on iTunes so go buy it! There's also a stripped version of the song called the wedding edition that's really good for a slower version. 

2. I may be a romantic at heart but I cannot stand chick flicks. It's a total contradiction, trust me I know. If I'm going to see a movie I tend to stick more to comedy and action movies. My tastes range from Accepted <- if you have not seen that movie you are missing out on life- to Pineapple Express to Miracle. I do love a good sports movie too and Miracle is the single greatest sports event to ever take place, trust me it's an amazing movie go watch it.

3. I saw this random fact about the Mackinaw Bridge on Instagram yesterday and was pretty freaked out. Almost every year my family drives over the Mackinaw Bridge, but I NEVER EVER want to be on the bridge when it's moving 35 feet due to wind😳 

4. Are these not the fluffiest chickens you've ever seen!?!?! Last week my boyfriend surprised me and took me to dinner, afterward we went to a local park where they have all sorts of farm animals and I basically fell in love with these chickens. A few days later I brought my best friend to show her the chickens and she found them just as adorable as me. I know nothing about what kind of chickens they are all I know is that they're cute and so freaking fluffy. 

5. Maybe it's because I'm extremely late to join the snapchat game (rachaelminer<- add me) but I find the filters so amusing! If you saw the chipotle filter that stuck your head in an avocado I laughed way too hard at that one and if my best friend ever decided to blackmail me she'd have plenty to work with. My current favorite filter is the glittery bunny because even when I don't do my hair or makeup it still makes you look cute😁 and no I didn't cut my hair super short it's just pulled back and laying funky in this pic. I don't think I could ever pull off having my hair that short🤔

6. The weather is starting to change and I'm already missing summer. The sun sets so early now and rises so late and nights are a lot cooler ->aka I'm stuck running on the treadmill. I love fall because it means trips to the cider mill, chunky sweaters, football, scarves, and changing leaves but I miss summer days spent on the lake and warm nights spent outside with friends. I also happen to miss this extremely awesome chicka, please come home soon because I miss you Lindsay💜

7. I'm impatiently waiting for next weekend to arrive. I have been looking forward to next weekend for months because I am going to visit one of my best friends Kate to celebrate her birthday🎉 I love celebrating birthdays and have a few surprises planned for her so I am super pumped. Normally I'm not one to rush a week but next week please go by fast!!!

That's all I've got for now, so have a great Thursday and I'll see you tomorrow with a post!
What is one song you can listen to on repeat and never grow tired of?
Do you have any fun plans or vacations that you are not so patiently waiting for?


  1. Hmm.... I love the song from Steven Curtis Chapman; 'The Long Way Home.' And I TOTALLY understand the need for less screen time; it really helps me re-focus. :)

    We don't have any vacations coming up, but ... I'm enjoying reading about others vacations! :)

    1. I've never heard of that song before, but I know my mom listen to steven curtis chapman. Less screen time has been such a blessing and you're right it totally helps me refocus! I've been living vicariously through everyone's vacation photos too- it's cheaper that way ;) Have a wonderful night Emily!

  2. omg I know! We camp in the UP all the time and were just up in Mackinaw for a wedding. I cannot stand that bridge. It's like drive near the edge and risk blowing over, or drive in the middle lanes.. ON THE GRATING.

    1. I love driving over it on a CALM day, but when it's windy no thank you. The grating freaks me out a bit because it really pulls on the car when you're driving. Michigander probs right?! ;)