Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thinking Out Loud

Happy Thinking Out Loud Thursday! I want to keep TOL Thursdays going because I have gotten such good feedback about sharing parts of my normal everyday life and I love reading other bloggers TOL posts so why not continue? There's a whole bunch of randomness, just like every other week- I'm talking presidential debates, sangrias and boots. Ready, let's go!

1. Is it Friday yet? I'm pretty sure I'm still exhausted from last weekend and it's just compounded into more tiredness. Staying up way too late and insomnia are not a good combo and naps just not cutting it anymore. I think I'm going to have to go full on grandma and go to bed at 8pm to get some extra sleep in. 

2. IT'S BOOT WEATHER! I'm super sad that summer is over but I do love fall because I have an excuse to wear all sorts of ridiculously adorable boots. The temperatures have been much cooler here this week and it's been raining a ton. When there was a break in the rain yesterday I headed out to pick up a few items and of course I had to wear a pair off gray booties I had stashed away. I found them on clearance at the end of last season for $6, I love finding a good deal. 

3. iSO10 is basically the bane of my existence. Since I updated the stopwatch on my phone no longer works, which I use every day at the gym. Also does anyone else keep swiping to unlock their phone?! I've been swiping to unlock my phone for 8(?) years I can't just automatically stop doing it. Please just let me swipe to unlock my dang phone. The only thing I do like about the update is the new emojis.

4. Pescience vegan protein is really good! I was skeptical about it, but I'm really glad I tried it. I wish they sold it in a 4 pound container as well as the 2 pound container. The chocolate flavor is sweet, but not in an artificial way. It's also a very thick protein powder, which I love and I can't wait to start using it in smoothies.

5. Can we talk about the presidential debate for a second? I'm a closet political junkie, but I knew the debate was going to turn into a crap show. I didn't even watch the debate but I did get a boatload of snapchats from people watching the debate and it was hilarious. So many face swaps, deer faces and flower crowns. 

6. Peach sangrias are my latest obsession. Ever since I had one in Grand Rapids I have been wanting another one. I am definitely not one to drink a lot or often, but that was delicious and I will be getting another one eventually. That was the first drink I've ever ordered. I just can't make myself pay for a drink because they're so expensive, but since it was my best friends birthday I justified the cost. 

7. It's been getting dark way too early and staying dark for way too long so I have been stuck running inside on the treadmill after my lifts. I have been playing around a lot with distance and speed and my runs have been feeling really, really good. I have been loving sprint intervals because they get my heart racing and the adrenaline pumping. 

I'll end things on seven because I am too tired to form coherent sentences at the moment. 

Do you have any fun weekend plans?
What is one thing you are currently loving or obsessed with? 


  1. I love doing sprint intervals on the treadmill, even though it is sad the days are getting shorter making it harder for us all to get a run in outside. And I'm so excited for boots! Is it sad I already have my Saturday dinner outfit picked out?!? lol

    1. I've cut quite a bit of time off my miles by doing sprint intervals on the treadmill so I will definitely be continuing them! That's not sad at all! I have so many boots I want to wear and I cannot wait to break out all the scarves!!

  2. I just got the iOS 10 update about 24 hours ago. It's too new to formulate any strong feelings yet, but I'm s sucker for aesthetics. The dark screen for the alarm clock, rounded buttons, gifs and emojis in texts all seem pretty fun. But the lack of swiping... 😩

    I'm in love with Ben Lee's song Everything For Love. It's on repeat over here πŸ’›

    1. I love the aesthetics of iSO10 it's just some of the performance problems I'm not a fan of and the whole not swiping thing is annoying. The GIFs are hilarious and I spend way too much time scrolling through themπŸ˜‚

      I've never heard that song before, so I looked it up and it's so cute!! Have the best weekend!

  3. So I usually run in the afternoon, and I usually don't run into not having enough light, but I do like doing sprint intervals on the treadmill. :) One thing I've been loving lately is pumpkin peanut butter. It's so good! :)

    1. I'm going to have to start running later in the day, but I hate not getting a workout done first thing in the morning. Some days I run twice- once on the treadmill and once outside later in the day just to get to run outside. I hate that the days are getting shorter. I've never even heard of pumpkin PB! My best friend would be all over that!