Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thinking Out Loud #8

This week has felt so long for a multitude of reasons, like food poisoning, and I'm really just ready for it to be the weekend. The Michigan v. Michigan State game is on this weekend and that is a HUGE deal. It's a really big rivalry and I'm pumped to watch some good football and just relax. Once again get ready for a whole bunch of randomness in this weeks thinking out loud...

1. One more reason to love fall is for all the yummy squash. I eat squash pretty much year round but nothing tastes better than fresh squash in the fall. My grocery store finally has a giant selection of squash in and I couldn't be happier. I just roasted my first buttercup squash, my favorite, of the fall and have been eating it mashed all week😋

2. Bob's Red Mill oatmeal cups are seriously a life savor! I was traveling this past weekend and didn't have access to my kitchen but I still wanted to oats after my morning runs so I packed two of these to go cups. All you have to do is add hot water and let it sit for 3 minutes and BAMB done! I packed some fruit to throw in with the oats because doesn't everyone travel with fruit😜 

3. Speaking of getaways while we were out in Grand Rapids we trekked out to Grand Haven which is one of my favorite places. I could stay at the beach forever because it's so peaceful. Watching the waves and soaking up the sunshine is my idea of a perfect day. My soul felt so free at the beach and nothing beat walking along the beach with my favorite person. I was really sad that the pier which goes out to the lighthouse was closed because it is being rebuilt. We walked along the boardwalk and all along the beach. It hasn't even been a week but I miss the beach so much. 

4. I have a new favorite hangout place in Grand Rapids- Z's Bar and Restaurant. I talked about it in yesterday's post. It had a super casual atmosphere and tons of TV's so it was great for a night of football watching. They also make an insanely delicious margarita. Next time I am in town I will definitely be back.

5. Once I got over food poisoning (again see yesterday's post) I made the drive to an area health food store to pick up a few items. I needed some fruit so I picked up raspberries and blackberries because they were both on sale, but I also nabbed two packages of Purely Elizabeth granola because they were on sale 2 for $10! While I was there I also picked up a tropical trail mix sans nuts because I can't have the fats and they had Wild Friends pumpkin spice so I picked up one jar to include in a care package since nut butters still makes me sick😭 

6. Yesterday I was on the go all day, I actually got to wear heels and dressy clothes so I was pumped- I love an excuse to dress up and yes I am wearing purple pants. But because I had a prior engagement at 11am and couldn't pack a lunch I was stuck eating what I could carry on me. I packed a chocolate sea salt rxbar, my favorite flavor, and I had a banana in the car for once I got out. I don't normally have days like this but the rxbar did it's job of holding me over and not making me feel sick like other protein bars. 
7. I'll end on lucky number seven again this week and leave you with this beautiful quote. I came across it while scrolling through Pintrest and loved it immediately. My mom always used to tell me that material things don't last forever but someone would never forget how you made them feel.

Have a great Thursday everyone! Do you have any fun weekend plans? Are you a college football (or sports) fan in general?


  1. i went to mizzou, so i'm definitely a tiger fan but i don't really follow anyone else :) and our lovely rams just left st louis, so that's..... awesome. or something.

    1. It's always fun to support your alma mater! Yeah I really don't understand why the rams left St. Louis, I'm still baffled by that one, but it's all about money. I think the NFL did a huge disservice to the city of St. Louis by leaving.

  2. I'm a Penn State fan so last weekend was epic for me! Are you cheering for Michigan or MSU? I've never tried those oatmeal cups- will have to put them on my radar!

    1. My friends and I were cheering so loud for Penn State! I was beyond excited they beat OSU- I cannot stand OSU. I will be cheering for U of M but my boyfriend will be cheering for MSU. Are you rooting for one or the other or don't care?

  3. Pinterest has the best quotes. I'm always really encouraged when I go on there. And that's pretty wonderful that you still get to go to the beach there in Michigan. It's really pretty! Is the water pretty cold?

    And I haven't seen the Pumpkin Spice peanut butter, but I'm looking diligently for it.

    1. I love the quotes on Pinterest, I get sucked into pinterest and next thing I know half an hour has passed. It was definitely a little chilly at the beach considering it was only 50 degrees but when I lived closer I would go all year because it was the one place my soul felt free and I could forget about everything. We didn't go in the water while we were there over the weekend but I'm sure it's freezing, Lake Michigan is never warm though!

      If you go on the Wild Friends website and click over to their blog they have a list of states with stores where you can buy their seasonal flavors!