Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thinking Out Loud

I'm really not sure how it's already Thursday, but nonetheless Thursday means it's time for another thinking out loud post. Of course there's tons of randomness and Cora makes an appearance! 

1. This week has gone by in an absolute fog, thank you lupus, but I'll get into that later. I did manage to find a new (or new to me?) type of peaches called donut peaches. I don't like donuts but I had to try them and was sadly disappointed. I was expecting the peaches to be fairly sweet, hence the donut part, but they really weren't. They tasted like a cross between a peach and a nectarine, but the juiciness and sweetness just weren't there. Maybe it's too late in the season for them but I will not be buying them again. 

2. Since I still haven't been able to run I have been lifting more and doing more HIIT. My lifting buddy and I absolutely killed each other last week with our workouts. I was so incredibly sore by the weekend I was expecting a body part to just fall off. Sunday's I take off from lifting and honestly it was a godsend. Besides being up way too late my body just needed a break. The rest was appreciated and come Monday I was ready to go. On the bright side I should be cleared to run any day now so I'm pumped. 

3. Let's just get this one out of the way because it's been hard to keep to myself. I have been pretty absent from social media this week because I have been experiencing a lupus flare. I started having symptoms of a flare last week, but just thought the problems were random and now I know they're not. A flare is a period of time where symptoms worsen, there's no rhyme or reason as to why a flare starts. Now I know my blood work was indicating the start of a flare last month but symptoms really started manifesting in the past week. I have been incredibly exhausted, in extreme pain and nauseated beyond belief. I spent the better part of two days laying next to the toilet because it was so bad that I prayed I could just puke and feel better. Luckily I have the best support system to help me through this but it's incredibly frustrating to go through. It's an emotional roller coaster and not exactly a fun thing to go through so that is why I have been absent from social media and the blog.

4. Eating has become difficult because the mere thought of food makes me want to put. I have managed to get some oatmeal in me though. I made chocolate protein banana bread oatmeal that was really good that I was able to get in my stomach and keep down that eventually I want to share with you guys because it was so good and so easy! I added a few berries on top and a few pieces of a chocolate rxbar for some added protein. 

5. This is a day late, but I want to wish a very happy (belated) birthday to my beautiful cousin Jessi! I could brag on her forever because she is one heck of a woman and I literally would not have survived college (or life) without her. She is such an amazing woman and I hope this year is her best year yet, I love you so much cuz and I am beyond thankful to have you in my life💜

6. Cora has taken to begging for some of my morning oats. I have tried everything in the books not to get her to beg for food, but she has been cracking me up recently. She knows she's not supposed to be so when I go to take my oats over to the table she will sit down by me but not look at me😂 It's her attempt to hide her begging and I know it's terrible but I laugh every time. I don't give her anything though because these oats are all mine. 

I'll end things at six this week, sorry I don't have much to say as this lupus flare is kicking my butt. A giant thank you to my friends, boyfriend, and family who have been helping me through this week and dealing with all of the lupus craziness. Hopefully one day there will be a cure, but until then I am going to nap because I am exhausted. 

Do you have any fun weekend plans? 
What is your go to food when you're not feeling well?


  1. Over from TOL...
    I'm so sorry you are having a flare and hope you feel better soon. Too bad the donut peaches weren't good!

    1. Thank you so much Julie, your kind words mean a lot! I was pretty bummed about the donut peaches. Maybe I got them too late in the season or something, I may try them again next year at the beginning or in the middle of peach season to see if they're any better. Have an amazing day!!

  2. Oh Rachel... My heart really goes out to you; we have a sweet lady in our home who has Lyme's disease which is really debilitating and hard on her body too; and it's really impressed upon me how much you all suffer in silence. Praying for strong comfort and peace and healing for you dear friend. <3

    And wow, I'm impressed that you keep going to the gym; you have some amazing stamina.

    1. Thank you so much for your very kind words Emily, they really do mean a lot to me. Lyme disease and lupus are similar in a lot of ways as both can be incredibly debilitating. Honestly, this morning I didn't do anything at the gym- no lifting just a little light cardio because I am dead tired. Moving helps me get the blow flowing and sometimes helps wake me up, but honestly this past week I have gotten home from the gym, showered and gone to bed because I've been totally exhausted.

  3. Hope you're feeling better soon. On a happy note your oats do look AMAZING!

    1. Thank you so much Patricia!!! They were really good, I'm hoping to make them again soon and post the recipe but actually make them look pretty haha. Have a great day!!