Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thinking Out Loud

Happy thinking out loud Thursday! I apologize for being absent from the blog this week but I have needed some time away after last Friday's post. I'll share more about that in a minute, but I also have some fun things to share- wine and fall colors🙌 Ready for another bout of randomness? Here we go😁

1. Is anyone else really tired of hearing about politics 24/7? Don't get me wrong I am a closet political junkie but at this point it's pretty much all that the news is talking about and I am really sick of hearing about it. I also don't understand why candidates can't focus on the issues that are actually important instead of wasting a TON of time bashing each other. Apparently they never learned to play nice. I was out running errands the other day when I saw this shirt and I literally laughed out loud and had to get it. The shirt fits me so perfectly and I'll take wine over politics any day🍷 

2. Since the flare started my stomach has been really upset so pretty much the only food I have eaten for the past week has been oatmeal. For the first time ever I made stovetop oats and HOLY SMOKES they're so good!! I have no idea why I waited so long to try stovetop oats because they are made so quickly, just like microwave oats, but they're so creamy😍 I have been making protein stovetop oats to make sure I am getting enough protein and I'm going to try to have that recipe up tomorrow because they are the bomb😋 They are definitely the creamiest oats I have ever made.

3. I would like to say thank you for all the comments, emails, and texts with words of encouragement and support on my last post about my faith struggle. It is always super scary to be so open, honest and vulnerable in a post because I never know what kind of reaction I am going to get. I literally wept over the outpouring of love and support from everyone. I have yet to respond to comments because I need time to figure everything out and work through things, but please know your words mean more to me than you will ever know💜 On the same note, because I mentioned it in the post, I am finally getting some relief from my flare. I don't know if it's temporary relief, but it is MUCH needed. I have been resting a lot this week and taking it easy because I don't want to make things worse. A few days were incredibly rough but yesterday was a pretty good day. 

4. On a very happy note I was able to run yesterday for the first time since the flare began. I didn't go very far or very fast but it felt AMAZING! My heart was bursting with happiness when I left the gym because I have missed running so, so much😭 I know I still have a long road ahead of me to get to where I want to be and get back to a running streak but I am determined to push through. Whoever said running is the best form of therapy was absolutly right. It's also free so it's the cheapest form of therapy.

5. Last weekend I was able to try some of the pumpkin spice rxbar and I was kind of ehh about it. It tasted ok, but it was not great. I'm not a giant pumpkin spice person so maybe those who really like pumpkin spice will like it. I definitely don't hate it but it's not my first choice of flavor- my favorite is chocolate sea salt and the chocolate coconut.

6. Random question but for any dog owners out there I need your advice/tips. Cora is basically a fish and in the water every chance she gets, normally once or twice a day until the lake freezes over (she's crazy I know). She has to get a bath at least every other week because she smells like a lake dog. As soon as she goes in the lake after her bath she starts smelling again. I have tried purchasing doggie deoderizer from the pet store but it's only temporary. Do any of you have advice on how to make the clean dog smell last longer? Keeping her out of the water is just not realistic, no matter how hard I try🙈

7. I'll end on lucky number seven today and leave you with this gorgeous leaf. Fall colors are almost at their peak in MI and it is a gorgeous fall so far. There are so many bright reds, yellows and oranges and when the sun hits the leaves it makes the photography nerd in me geek out😁 Plus the weather has been unusually warm, mid 70's to low 80's and I am not complaining! It has been amazing to walk around in summer clothes and enjoy all the beauty of fall.

How has your week been? 
What is your favorite thing about fall?

Have a great Thursday! 


  1. I KNOW! I am so sick of politics this year that I stopped turning on the news in the morning. Don't want to hear the negativity anymore.

    1. It makes me sad that all the coverage is so negative! I wish the candidates would talk less about each other and more about what their actual plans are.

  2. I don't want to hear more about politics either; this year seems ot have had way too much focus on politics.

    And times of relaxing and resting and taking time away is so important Rach; love ya.

    Hmm.... We have this dry doggie shampoo that we really love. Would that work?

    1. I so agree with you!!! Heck election coverage started in the fall last year, WAY TOO MUCH!
      Could you please send me a link or a picture of what the doggie dry shampoo looks like? At this point I am willing to try just about anything

  3. I'm soooo over the politics and discussion about it! It's the first time I just can't wait for the election to be over. I do love the Fall colors though and they've been beautiful this year!

    1. I so agree with you!! Let alone the negativity with these campaigns, apparently no one ever taught them to say something nice or say nothing at all...The fall colors have been stunning this year!! I cannot get enough of them!! I wish they would stick around longer, especially since I know snow and cold is around the corner...