Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Weekend Deets and Eats

To be honest I cracked myself over my cleverness for the post title, sad but true. I think the lack of sunshine is making me go a little crazy. All of last week through Saturday it rained. All day. Every day. I was going nuts. I hate being stuck inside. The rain had me lacking motivation to do anything other than snuggle up in bed with a good book and a cup of warm lemon water. 

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to lift and run but also I wanted to see my lifting buddy who I had not gotten to see in 3 weeks. I was pumped to see him and catch up, plus I got a solid arm lift and run in. When I got back from the gym I was really hungry so I whipped up my classic post gym classic- protein oats. It was made with gluten free oats, Bob's red mill protein powder, strawberry slices, banana coins, raspberries, Enjoy Life allergy friendly chocolate chips, sprinkles, and a light drizzle of honey😋 I also had an egg plus 6Tablespoons egg whites on the side for some extra protein. 

I was tired of being cooped up in the house with all the rain so in the afternoon my boyfriend and I headed to the mall to walk around and look for a birthday present for one of my best friends. If you've never been to Sur La Table you are seriously missing out! It's a store filled with everything you could ever want or need for your kitchen and dining room. I always find so many cool kitchen gadgets that I want to try out, but I restrained myself and stuck to getting part of my friends birthday present. Sur La Table is pretty much a more affordable version of Williams Sonoma and they offer cooking classes too, which I want to try out sometime.

On the way back from the mall there was a break in the rain so we headed to a park to walk some trails. Despite the humidity it felt amazing to be back outside. I definitely need to move somewhere where I can be outside all year round. The rain started back up so we headed back and decided to get some takeout and watch movies for the rest of the night. The sun decided to peep back out through the rain so we got to see a beautiful rainbow, I was super excited because I love rainbows and it's pretty rare to see one in Michigan.

I felt like a salad for dinner and he wanted thai food so we ended up stopping two places to get food. I got an oriental chicken salad from Applebee's but subbed the crispy chicken for grilled chicken. The Applebee's we stopped at was super accommodating to my food allergies and the food was so good so I will definitely be back. I love when restaurants are willing to accommodate food allergies it makes me feel a little bit more normal. We were going to watch movies but stumbled across a hockey game on TV so we watched that. Even though it was a Blackhawks game and it's only the preseason I have been missing all the NHL action. I'm pumped for the season to get started.

This granny was up WAY too late Saturday night (technically Sunday morning😳) and of course I woke up way too early for getting to bed so late. I was totally dead so I had a pretty lazy morning and didn't make it to the gym until after 3pm which is unheard of for me. Even the gym staff was shocked I was there so late- and yes the staff all knows me by name because I'm there everyday. I'm not big on listening to music while working out- I listen to the news while I run on the treadmill, nerdy I know- but I for the past week I have not been able to get Nick Jonas' song The Difference out of my head. It's so dang catchy! I heard it at the gym while lifting and I've been listening to it nonstop since. His album that was released earlier in the summer is pretty good, he's definitely grown up since his Jonas Brother days.

Sunday night I was pretty dead from being up so late the night before so I had a relaxing night in. Cora and I played outside and watched another beautiful lake sunset. Fall is definitely in the air because the nights are a lot cooler and the sun is setting so early. I love fall but I know snow is around the corner and it makes me super sad because that means snow is coming😭 

That's a wrap on my weekend, have a great Tuesday everyone and be on the lookout for a new recipe tomorrow😏
What did you do this weekend? Would you rather have an exciting night out or have a cozy night in?

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