Monday, October 10, 2016

Weeks Dets and Eats

Happy Monday! Last week I shared a weekend dets and eats and I got a positive response so I figured why not share another weekend recap? Plus I've had zero inspiration to get in the kitchen to cook or bake so I'm just going to blog my way through this creativity slump. I'd like to say it's too hot to cook and while that's partially true I just haven't felt like getting in the kitchen to cook anything new. I've been eating the same old, same old for awhile now and I really don't see that changing anytime soon, lazy and sad but true.

Anyway, onward to the weekend. Normally my weekends are pretty boring, but I have been getting out more recently and it's been really nice. Friday morning I got in a good back and core workout with some cardio to end it, still no running though😭, and came back to clean up and refuel before heading out to run some errands. I had my usual protein oats to refuel but topped them with some fall inspired sprinkles that I found at HomeGoods a few weeks ago. I'm kind of addicted to HomeGoods because they have the coolest decor pieces there! They also have a good selection of specialty foods that aren't offered at typical grocery stores so I always look through there, I almost always find some pretty awesome sprinkles when I'm there😏

After eating I headed out to run some errands. One of the things on my to do list was to find a new blazer since my old blazer has gotten tight as my back and bicep muscles have gotten bigger😳 For once I decided to wear my natural hair since it was (mostly) cooperating and not being crazy frizzy. Naturally my hair is incredibly wavy and it's gotten wavier in recent years. I rarely wear it natural because it gets so dang frizzy, but I wore it without doing anything to it and I got more compliments than I ever have. Literally I had strangers coming up to me saying they liked my hair, I was so confused but I wasn't about to argue with people being so nice. I never did end up finding a blazer and I've searched high and low for one so if anyone has any input on where to find one that isn't crazy expensive please let me know. I just want a regular black on that's fitted and not baggy.

On my route there was a new home store that finally opened after months and months of construction so I dropped in to take a look. It was like HomeGoods on steroids because the place was HUGE! They had so many cute decor pieces and their prices seemed really reasonable. Of course I got sucked into the wall decor section and ended up reading (and laughing) over some of the signs. I got a good laugh at the signs about wine and there was a bunch of science type funny signs that I laughed at but knew my boyfriend would appreciate. I didn't spend a lot of time in the store because I had a ton of other errands to run so I'm looking forward to stopping in on a slower day and getting time to browse.

In the afternoon my dad and I got back to work rebuilding the deck. We finished up the biggest section of railing, got it hung and started sanding. It may not sound like a lot of work but it really was, plus it was over 80F degrees out with no breeze. I was hot and sweaty by the time we called it quits, but seeing the deck come together makes me feel like we've accomplished something. My knee and IT band were semi killing me by the time we stopped so I made sure to ice it at night. 

Saturday morning I hit the gym bright and early and got an awesome lift in. My arms were shaking by the time I was done and I was so sweaty💪 It felt good to get such a hard workout in early, but I was starving by the time I got home (what else is new?). I whipped up the usual post workout oats to fuel up for the day. All the usual toppings are present-> strawberries, banana coins, blueberries, raspberries, Enjoy Life chocolate chips, and a drizzle of honey.

I was feeling pretty good after a week of hardcore lifts and actually getting dressed in more than gym clothes. I felt good and I loved my new sweater so a selfie was required. I actually consulted my best friend while I was in the dressing room as to if I should get the sweater or not. She loved the color and was totally on board, plus I got a really good deal on it so I was a happy camper. 

In the afternoon my boyfriend came over and we headed out to enjoy the day since it was a picture perfect fall day. We drove to a neighboring town, walked around downtown and found a park off the main street so we walked around. Apparently it was homecoming because there was a TON of people packed in the park taking pictures. Seeing all the kids dressed up brought back a lot of fun memories from high school. It also made me want to find an excuse to get all dolled up in a pretty dress and go out, however my boyfriend did not feel the same need to get all dressed up😂, he's not one who enjoys wearing a suit and tie. The dresses were beautiful and it was fun to see all the different designs. After walking around the park we headed to Mongolian BBQ. My boyfriend had had a rough week so I surprised him by making reservations because it's his favorite place. He was definitely a happy camper. While he got a bowl I got the soup and salad bar because I can't have anything off the grill due to food allergies and cross contamination. I loaded up at the salad bar with all the veggies and a gluten/meat free "chicken" they offered which was actually pretty good.

Saturday night we headed to a haunted forest, he had to convince me to go since I am NOT about those sorts of things, but it ended up being really cheesy. We got stuck in a group of 10 year girls with their mom and we had fun laughing while they screamed as things jumped out at them. Sunday morning I dragged my very tired butt to the gym for a quick cardio workout before heading to church with the family. While I am all about the summer weather I am loving that it is boot weather again. Sweaters and boots are my favorite things about fall beside the gorgeous leaves. In the afternoon my boyfriend came over and helped my dad take the dock out to get ready for winter (he's seriously the sweetest♥️). 

I was dead by the time dinner rolled around, this grandma is too old for staying up so late. Luckily when I went grocery shopping for the week I found a nourish bowl that was filled with veggies and bean and had 14grams of plant based protein so I microwaved that and threw in some baked turkey for added protein. It was an incredibly lazy dinner, but I was way too tired to cook so this was a easy and healthy option. I spent the remainder of the night playing with Cora, who had a TON of energy, and working on emails. I hit the hay extra early because I was so tired😴 

What did you do this weekend? 
What is your favorite way to cheer someone (or yourself) up after a bad day/week?

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