Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thinking Out Loud #11

Happy Thursday! Maybe it's just me but this week seems to be going by so stinking slow🙈 I wish we could speed time up by a week so it could be Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to all the delicious foods but mostly spending time with a BF who isn't totally stressed about the zillion projects he has to do for school. Fair warning my brain it totally scattered so this thinking out loud is probably even more random than most weeks, so let's get on with it!

1. I did a happy dance when I found purple sweet potatoes at Whole Foods last week. I rarely go to Whole Foods because they're so expensive and I have to drive over 40 minutes to get to one, but I was less than ten minutes away at a doctor appointment so of course I had to stop. Countless employees asked if I needed helping looking for something but I was just taking my grand old time looking at all the cool products and geeking out at the fact that I found purple sweet potatoes. Purple sweet potatoes are my favorite potato but are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find in Michigan so of course I loaded up😋

2. Jessica's Granola is MUST when I go to Whole Foods. It's made in Michigan and it's allergy friendly, plus it's incredibly delicious. I got the bag on Thursday and it was basically gone by Monday😂 I've tried multiple types of her granola and every single one is SO.GOOD. Literally try to stop yourself from demolishing the entire bag, it's near impossible. I ripped the bag open as soon as I got in the car.

3. California is seriously calling my name. I'm having massive beach withdrawals right now. The temps have finally dropped off and are more typically for November in MI and it has me seriously missing the warm temps and the beach. I've been going through pictures from this year for a Christmas gift for someone and all the pictures from my trip to California are making me seriously miss it! I mean just look at that water and pier, it's gorgeous! All of Newport Beach is just as beautiful, so if you make it out to SoCal Newport Beach is a must!

4. Weekly Chipotle date nights have become a thing. Mexican food is basically the way to my heart so I have no problem with the fact that my boyfriend and I have had Chipotle once a week for three weeks. I know some people hate on Chipotle because some people got sick, but honestly that can happen at any restaurant. Chipotle is delicious, affordable, and their buy one get one free coupon will lure me in every time😬

5. Speaking of date night I found this place out by my boyfriend that was basically a museum of arcade games. Armed with a load of quarters we checked it out and I'm pretty sure it's his favorite thing that we've done. He was in arcade heaven with all the old games. I was never really into or got the chance to play arcade games, but the one game I do love is skeeball. My BF and I are both really competitive so we wound up playing probably a dozen games of skeeball, I won every single time😏 he kept trying to hit the 10,000 points and failing and he was so not a happy camper when I hit the 10,000 slot three times in a row😂 I may have gloated a little bit, but it was all in good fun. I don't think he wants to play skeeball ever again though😂

6. I LOVE getting deliveries, especially when they're surprise deliveries. When the edible arrangement truck pulled into the driveway the other day I was definitely surprised, but immediately thought awe my BF is so sweet, but NOPE the delivery wasn't for me😒 the arrangement was actually for my dad. I was a little disappointed, but my dad shared so that was nice. Edible arrangements are one of my favorite things, don't get me wrong I love flowers but a bouquet of fruit is definitely the way to my heart.

7. This week my energy levels have been really low, I think partly due to the flare but I'm also still fighting off the end of the cold. I've cut back on running and focused more on strength training this week and holy smokes am I sore💪 I love the feeling of being able to lift heavier than the previous week, but after leg day on Monday and arm/shoulder/chest day on Tuesday my entire body was sore🙈 No pain no gain though right?

8. I'm excited to say I FINALLY have some new recipes in the works🎉 there may be a new pumpkin recipe coming soon! My meals have been pretty basic recently which is why I haven't shared anything, but I;m breaking out of my funk and I will be breaking out the crockpot again soon so be on the lookout for that!

I'll end things on number eight today, but have a terrific Thursday friends! 
What kind of recipes would you like to see more of? 
Do you have any fun weekend or Thanksgiving plans?


  1. You are always such a fighter Rachael; God has given you a lot of energy and vigor despite all the trials you face.

    And Chipotle dates sound like wonderful dates; I hope you get some really wonderful quality time with your boyfriend. <3

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Emily!! You are always so sweet and such an incredible blessing <3
      Chipotle dates are the best, I'm definitely looking forward to having him home for Thanksgiving break. Have a wonderful day Emily and a very happy Thanksgiving!