Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thinking Out Loud #12: Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving! I can't believe Thanksgiving is already upon us, it seems like the month of November has been flying by. I really need to buckle down and get some Christmas shopping done, but I have already started so that's a new record for me. 

Even though today is Thanksgiving I still wanted to share a quick thinking out loud. Of course it's totally random (as always) but there's a new song I definitely think you should check out! 

1. If you haven't heard John Mayer's new singer Love on the Weekend you seriously need to! It's SO.GOOD. It reminds me of classic John Mayer like Your Body is a Wonderland and Slow Dancing in a Burning Room. I may have had it on repeat since it came out but seriously it's so good. Go listen to it, I promise it won't be a disappointment. 

2. I swear only in Michigan does the weather change at the drop of a hat. Last Friday the temp reached 73F degrees, Cora and I spent the day outside soaking up every ounce of sunshine and beautiful weather. Come Saturday it was 32F degrees and snowing. We had actual accumulation, but thankfully it melted later on. Beautiful weather please come back. I'm not prepared for the cold weather or snow😭

3. The tradition of Chipotle date night continues. My boyfriend had a really rough week last week so I drove down Saturday night and got Chipotle to cheer him up. It wasn't anything fancy but it took his mind off school for a little bit and I got to see him so it was nice. I did feel bad though because the guy who wrapped his burrito was new and was clearly riding the struggle bus trying to wrap the burrito, poor guy. 

4. I MADE IT OUT OF TARGET WITH ONLY THE ITEMS ON MY LIST!! That totally deserved all caps because that literally never happens. I even wandered around the store, looked at the home decor section (my weakness) and all the Christmas decor and walked out without purchasing any unnecessary items. It's incredibly sad but that store is just so fun. I did get a kick out of some of the Christmas ornaments but nothing really caught my eye, so I walked out a happy camper because I still had money left.

5. My lifting buddy has been off work all week so all week the lifts have been intense. We definitely push each other to lift heavier but we keep it fun. He is the only person I can lift with. I'm just not into workout buddies, but we always joke that we are each others therapists because we will rant to each other about whatever is going on in our lives. There isn't a better destresser than lifting weights💪 but seriously I am so sore. It feels really good because I'm lifting heavy but holy smokes I thought my arms were going to fall off the other day.

6. I am so not a fan of daylight savings time because it gets dark WAY too early. However, the one good thing is it gets lighter earlier so I have gotten to enjoy some seriously beautiful sunrises. Despite it being absolutly freezing outside Cora and I have been going out for a little bit every morning to enjoy the solitude and beautiful skies. A little fresh air and gorgeous skies do the soul good first thing in the morning.

I'll cut things short and end at six today because it's Thanksgiving and I'm ready to dive in to my mom's homemade cranberry sauce😍 here's the recipe for her cranberry sauce if you're interested, you only need three ingredients to make it and it comes together really quick (AKA last minute side dish). Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. I wish I lived closer to a Target! (Closest one is 60 miles away!) They have the BEST ornaments and my tree is in need of some!

    1. Target is the best, but such a dangerous store for my wallet! I can't believe there isn't one closer to you, I'm not sure I could handle living so far away from one! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving :)

  2. I seriously wish I could get your lifting program, cause I think I need to be more sore after lifting.

    1. I find programs on and go through those. You don't need to be really sore after lifting, being sore from lifting happens when you increase your weights or reps to gain muscle mass/get stronger. I wouldn't use the same weights every time as that's not going to do much for you after awhile, so switch it up every once in awhile :)