Friday, December 23, 2016


It's been awhile since I've done a recently post and what better time to do one than right before all the Christmas festivities begin?! It's no secret that I'm very excited for Christmas day, but I love Christmas Eve too. Every year my family goes to a candle light Christmas Eve service where we sing carols and read the Christmas story. After service we always go looking at Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music. It's nothing fancy but it's one of my favorite parts of Christmas. 

Before I jump headfirst into the Christmas fun I wanted to do a recently post because it's been awhile, plus I've gotten a few requests to share some things so I'll get to those too. Just a fair warning that this recap will jump around a bit. Some of you have noticed that I have been taking a break from instagram. Honestly it wasn't something I really thought about doing it just happened. Life has just been really busy, but truth be told it's been nice to live life away from social media. I have still logged on to see what my friends are up to but I haven't felt the desire to post, some aspects of my life I do like to keep private. I've been spending time with people I love and working on some fun projects and Cora has been getting quite a bit of attention too. She's been keeping me company while I've been working.

For whatever reason this week has just been a really off week for running for me. My lifts have felt amazing and I've upped all my weights but my runs have been a struggle. Three or four miles have felt like 10 and it's been really frustrating. I love running so having legs that feel like lead has been hard. I've taken a few days off and I'm hoping that when I attempt a longer run tomorrow after leg day that my body finds it's natural rhythm. It has taken time but this year especially has given me a new appreciation for running. All of the rough days where running is a struggles makes me appreciate the days where I feel like I could run forever so much more. 

Even though my runs aren't feeling on point this week my lifts have been awesome, my entire body is so sore😭 I restarted a program I did awhile back and in just two weeks I've already seen an improvement in my strength. Where I used to hate spiderman pushups because they were hard (and they are hard) they have gotten much easier and I actually enjoy doing them now. My squat game is also improving💪

This past weekend was the first time in about a month I got to fully decompress. My dad wasn't in the hospital and I didn't have to be running back and forth to see him. I was exhausted and I didn't feel like doing much. Luckily my boyfriend was totally ok with doing a whole bunch of nothing since he just finished finals, so we watched movies and lots of hockey🙌 One of the movies we watched was Eddie the Eagle and it was really good. It was a great movie that families could watch together because while there is some adult humor kids would not pick up on it. Eddie is such a lovable character and I always enjoy a good sports movie. 

Also, if you've been following my blog for any length of time you probably know I am a GIANT hockey fan. I'm not going to discuss the Pittsburgh Penguins games last weekend because it was a rough weekend to be a Pens fan but holy smokes the Wings and Ducks game on Saturday was crazy! It was a back and forth game but in the end the Wings prevailed🙌 now if they could hold onto the momentum and keep the wins coming that would be great.

Sunday I convinced my boyfriend to go to an open skate at a local arena. I used to skate all the time, especially since I grew up on a lake where pond hockey was basically life in the winter. It had been awhile since my boyfriend had skated (like over 10 years😂) but he did so good! He still has a few things to learn like how to stop (kind of necessary😂) but I'm proud of him. And yes I wear men's hockey skates. I always have and always will. I'm already excited for the next open skate and to get back on the ice. 

I actually took some time to do some meal prep this week. It's been awhile since I've done it but its been nice to not have to cook and to just be able to heat something up. I am definitely back on the meal prep train because it's made life MUCH easier this week. My favorite thing from this weeks meal prep has been the chocolate superfood energy balls- I shared the recipe on Tuesday. They're super easy to make and you only need a few ingredients. 

One of my friends sent this meme to me and I about died laughing😂 it's such a nerdy joke but I love it! And yes I've been obsessed with memes if you couldn't tell from yesterdays thinking out loud post.

Tuesday I got the chance to dress up for a meeting I had to go to. I love any chance I have to dress up so I was excited. I stuck with a basic black tank that a had lace back, which I threw a blazer on over it because it's freezing outside, a statement necklace, purple printed dress pants (that I'm in LOVE with), and nude pumps.

After I posted a quick snapshot of my outfit on my instagram story I got a lot of questions about where I got everything. I've had each of these pieces for awhile, but I checked and none of them are still being sold😥 However I did round up a few similar pieces for you to check out. 

First up the floral statement necklace, I got it a few years ago from Forever 21 and I still love it. I've used it many times and I always get compliments on it. I couldn't find the same color but I found a few necklaces that are similar in a pale pink/blush.
I got this black tank top over the summer and I've gotten a lot of use out of it. It can be dressed up or down, which is great because you can wear it to work or to meet up with friends and look good for both. I found a few simple alternatives that look almost identical from the front and still have a fun flare to them in the back.
As for the pants I have yet to find a great alternative. Apparently purple pants are hard to find. I got mine on Amazon on a whim when I came across them a few months ago. I couldn't even find a good pair of purple pants to share, but I found a similar style, minus the print, in red. They would still look just as good paired with any of the black tanks above- not to mention they're on sale right now🙌

The meeting ended up running much later than expected and I was starving by the time I left. I had eaten breakfast and a small lunch before I left but I had over an hour drive back home. Driving home was a trip. I got on the freeway and there was this maniac driver in front of me. He couldn't stay in his lane, he was going off onto the left shoulder and jerking back into the lane then he was weaving into the center lane. Cars were driving in the center lane and kept honking. I'm not one to interfere but someone was going to get hurt by this nut job. I called the local police who told me I needed to call 911. The operator transferred me TWICE and when I finally got to explain what was going on and gave the operator my location and the guys license plate I was promptly told no cops were in the area but thanks for letting them know. I was more than a little angry because that's what cops are for and it's only a matter of time before this guy hurts himself or someone or worse. 

I still needed to stop at Target for my dad and by the time I got there I was starving. Target was an utter nightmare, there were well over 50 people in line to checkout most of them had multiple carts of stuff. Then there was me with three items. Luckily the line moved pretty quick since they had every register open, but traffic getting out of the store was horrible. I sat in the parking garage so long I was about ready to eat anything in sight. There was a Panera across the street so I got on the app and ordered takeout. As soon as I got my food I basically inhaled it. I got my favorite the Thai chicken salad minus the dressing and wonton strips. 

I've spent the rest of the week working on some new content and getting ready for Christmas. I'll end here because it's gotten rather long, but I hope you get to spend the holidays with family, friends, and loved ones. Have a very Merry Christmas and remember the real reason for the season🎄🌟

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