Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thinking Out Loud #21

Happy Thursday! This week has been a tad hectic, hence the lack of blog posts, but I didn't want to miss a thinking out loud post. I'm just going to jump right this week, so here we go! 

1. Maybe I'm incredibly lame, no I know I'm incredibly lame, but instead of going out on a Friday night I stayed home and baked muffins. Am I in my 20's or 80's? I do love going out with friends, but I've never been the clubbing type. When we go out we go to a bar to watch a hockey or football game and have a few drinks. I'm much more of the stay at home, drink cheap wine, bake, dance like a nut because no one is judging me, and watch Friends reruns.

2. I did go out on Sunday night, but it was to a hockey game and it was over by 7pm😂 one of my good friends plays in a rec hockey league so another friend of mine and I decided to go to his game. Neither team is overly great, but it's rec hockey so it's pretty much all for fun anyway. My friend's team won and it was a lot of fun to cheer for him. Another wild night obviously😬

3. My boyfriend and I had date night Saturday night and decided to try a new place. We drove to a nearby town and tried a local brewery, but it ended up being ironic because neither of us drank. I can't have beer and he doesn't like it. The place was quite hipstery and so much so that we didn't know what some of the things on the menu were, so we had to break out Google😂 We laughed about it and the food ended up being good, but we stick to our favorite places for a reason. 

4. This is in case you're in need of a laugh. I found this picture while I was at Target getting shampoo and eye drops. How I ended up in the home section I really have no idea, the real question is how do I always end up in the home section?! It's a fun store to browse though and this gave me a good laugh. I'd also like to add that I only got the items I went for so I was proud- I think we all know Target can be a bottomless pit.

5. I am missing the beach big time! For being January the weather has been surprisingly mild for MI, but the days have been really gray and I'm not sure that last time I saw the sun was. I am more than ready for sunshine, laying on the beach, and enjoying time out on the water. BRING ON SUMMER😎☀

6. I am not one to get political, at least not on the internet, but this tweet struck a chord with me (and no I'm not on twitter). I don't care what your political views are but no one should ever want a president to fail. Regardless of who the president is if they fail it will be bad for our country and for everyone in our country. Do you have to agree with the president? Absolutely not. That's the great thing about this country is we do have freedom of speech and can make our voices heard. I don't think anyone will agree with every single thing a president says or does 100% of the time regardless of political party affiliation. 

I'm going to keep it short this week and end it there. Have a terrific Thursday and remember to smile😄

What are your plans for the weekend? 
Do you prefer to stay in or go out on the weekends? 


  1. Nothing wrong with staying in for a quiet night! I'm a big fan of doing the same. Plus, those muffins look quite tasty.

    1. Yes!! Muffins, sweatpants, friends is WAY better than trying to find a seat at a bar on a Friday night. I wish I could share, the muffins were quite delicious :)

  2. I love your wild nights... They're my kind of wild nights. Hehe... And thank you for reminding us of the gift of freedom of speech.

    I am totally an old soul too.