Thursday, March 30, 2017

Glitter and Running: Thinking Out Loud #30

Happy Thursday friendly faces! The sun has been out most of the week and it's been above freezing almost every day so I am one happy camper🌤 It's supposed to be nice this weekend, last weekend was a total washout, so there's plenty of reasons to be happy. Let's jump right into this weeks thinking out loud

1. I saw this post from women's running community on instagram and had to laugh. My hobbies literally are running and napping😂 I do do other things like paddleboard, cycling, etc., but my main hobbies are lifting, running, napping, and stalking dogs. I'm not the least bit ashamed to admit to dog stalking either. 

2. I may be slightly obsessed with glitter. Ok, that's basically the understatement of the year. I LOVE glitter. I'm not overly girly but I love glitter on basically everything. I saw this post from Love What Matters and about died of happiness. A GLITTER WALL🙆 Of course I immediately snapshotted it and sent it to my boyfriend and informed him this needed to happen. He's not as fond of glitter as I am (he doesn't like glitter at all) and somehow wasn't as thrilled about this idea as I was. The guy who made this glitter wall for his girlfriend should win boyfriend of the year award. Now that's a dude you marry💍

3. Ever since I posted about not wanting to be labeled as a food blogger (read the post here) I have gotten such an outpouring of support. I cannot thank everyone enough for all the emails, messages, and texts. I feel like I've been sharing more genuine content on instagram and here on the blog. I'm still sharing some of my eats in my instagram story, but largely I'm sharing content that's 100% me. I love sharing workout and vacation pics and I feel like I've had genuine conversation with some really amazing people. It makes my heart happy because I genuinely love going on now and connecting with people at a personal level, not just based on food. 

4. Last weekend was an absolute washout. It rained and was cold the whole weekend so it was a good time to hole away, read a book, watch some movies, and aimlessly scroll through Buzzfeed. One of my friends sent me a link to the 100 best dog memes and I could not stop laughing. This one really got me laughing because it's SO TRUE😂

5. While we are discussing dogs this one has been a total nutcase recently. It's getting into the weather that she absolutely loves where it's warm, but still kind of crisp. She has been running around the yard like a nutcase, playing nonstop, and going in the lake like she did when she was a puppy. Now when I finish breakfast she thinks it's playtime despite it still being early in the morning, so she brings me her favorite toy chicken and looks at me like this🐶

6. I haven't seen warheads since I was a little kid. That makes me sound really old, but I had no idea they still made them! My brother and I used to eat them and see who could hold out the longest without making a face from the sourness. Sometimes he would suck the sour off and give me the candy, absolutely disgusting but when you're a kid you don't care. Seeing these again brought back some fun memories😂

7. This was 100% me Tuesday night. It was leg day and it was really stinking hard, but I was proud of myself for pushing through and getting it done. My legs were already sore when I left the gym so waking up on Wednesday was fun to say the least. I was able to shake out my legs on a run Wednesday morning so that definitely helped. Soreness is always satisfying because it means you've worked hard but it can be uncomfortable, especially when your house has a lot of stairs😳

I'm going to end things there this week. Have a terrific Thursday and an incredible weekend🎉

Do you have a favorite thing to work on at the gym, if so what?
What are your weekend plans?


  1. My husband won't even let me paint the walls in anything but neutrals, so a glitter wall is totally out of the question.

    Although that might be a bit much for me. I AM a girly girl; I think I like sparkle more than glitter, though. Although I have glitter Chuck Taylors that I totally love.

    My dogs aren't super into toys. And Bandit has guarding tendencies so I don't leave toys laying around.

    Lola used to be more into them when she was younger; she still likes a good game of tug -- for like 5 seconds -- every now & again. Bandit is a ball dog (and Lola isn't).

  2. So happy you got through leg day, and I'm going to read your 'food blogger' post. I've seriously been thinking the same thing too, and I can't wait to read your thoughts. I know we both love to bake, but I've realized I'm not a food blogger.

    Hehe... Sometimes our dogs are totally crazy too; I'm always glad that they're pretty low key at the end of the day. It would be tough if dogs were nocturnal.

  3. Oops I realized I did read your post, and I did really love it! (I am so forgetful. *flat forehead moment*.