Thursday, April 13, 2017

Glitter and Cupcakes: Thinking Out Loud #32

Happy Thursday! This whole week has felt off and for most of it I've felt like I'm walking through a sleep deprived fog (#teamnosleep). On a positive note Easter is this week and that means summer isn't too far away😎 I'm more than ready for sunshine, beach days, and running outside every day. Anyway, onward to this weeks thinking out loud!

1. Last Friday was one of my friends birthdays so of course I had to make her a cake. Every time I've made a piñata cake it has been a huge hit so I made her a chocolate piñata cake the infamous chocolate fudge frosting. It's taken some time but I have perfected the frosting. The secret to making the smoothest, fudgiest frosting is to leave the butter on the counter for a few hours to make it room temperature. Also let it whip in the mixer for awhile, scrap down the blade and sides of the mixer, and whip it some more. While I personally can't eat the frosting everyone who's had it has told me it's hands down the best frosting they've had. You can grab the recipe for the cake and frosting here.

2. Of course no birthday is complete without presents, so while the cake layers baked I went to work wrapping her presents. Cora is super nosey so of course she had to "help." By help I mean stick her nose in absolutely everything, walk on the wrapping paper, and slow down the entire process. Not to mention there was more than a few pieces of tap that had dog hair on them😒

3. I've been a little better about meal prepping recently. I had to be somewhere all day so I whipped up a giant pan of chicken and vegetable stir fry to have for dinner and I packed some of the leftovers for lunch. I have also been loving papaya since Hawaii. They put papaya in salads, smoothies, and basically everything there and I loved how fresh it was. Rxbars are my go to protein bars because there's so few ingredients in them and they're so delicious. 

4. The weather was absolutely gorgeous over the weekend so my boyfriend and I hit some area trails to soak up some much needed vitamin-D. Afterward we got breakfast for dinner then got some dairy free frozen yogurt and strolled around a local downtown. We are both super simple so days like that are my favorite. I can't wait until it's warmer and spring weather arrives so I can be outside even more. I'm itching to ditch the treadmill and run outside but it's still too cold in the mornings to do that. 

5. Sunday afternoon I set out for a run after squeezing in a quick short run at the gym in the morning. It was in the upper 70's and I was itching to be outside, but the run did not go like I hoped it would. The wind was so strong, it was a bit too warm for my running preference, and I never like to run in the afternoon because I don't do well running after I've eaten. Even though it was 3+ hours after I had eaten lunch food and running just don't mix in my body. My quad starting hurting a mile in, I was battling ridiculously strong winds, my pacing was terrible, and I was so frustrated. I finally stopped and just admitted it wasn't meant to be, looped back home, and stopped. Not all runs are going to be good, but one bad run doesn't deter my love of the sport.

6. Every year I color eggs for Easter and this year I bribed my boyfriend into doing it with me. I had a kit to make glitter eggs, but my boyfriend doesn't share my love of glitter so he had to be bribed with vanilla bean cupcakes topped with chocolate fudge frosting. The cupcakes and frosting turned out perfectly and he dyed eggs with me. I consider it a victory😏

7. I wasn't kidding when I said I had all the glitter for Easter egg dying. We made eight eggs and all but one has glitter on them😬 I was definitely a happy camper, but the time we were done we had glitter everywhere and my boyfriend was not overly happy to be wearing glitter. I on the other had thought it was terrific, I somehow still had glitter on me when I got to the gym the following morning😂 and for those who are going to hate on me for being 22 and still dying eggs, there is no age limit on egg dying fun!

I'll end things on a sparkly note this week😜 Have a terrific Thursday, a fabulous weekend, and a very Happy Easter!

Do you dye Easter eggs with your friends or family? 
What are your plans for Easter?


  1. You can never be too old for glitter!!!

  2. Wow a chocolate pinata cake sounds good, and thank you so much for the frosting tip. It sounds really good! :) And outside runs are just the best ever aren't they?

    1. You're welcome, I promise it makes all the difference in the frosting!! Outside runs are the best and I'm so happy to finally be able to run outside again!! Have a terrific Easter Emily!