Thursday, April 6, 2017

Running and Giant Jackfruits: Thinking Out Loud #31

Happy Thursday! I apologize for being a little MIA recently on the blog and social media this past week. Some things came up and I needed some time away to think things through. Let's jump into thinking out loud and I'll explain.

1. One of my friends decided to sign up for a 5K in June and I was so excited for her. She's not a runner so she didn't even know where to start, I helped her find a training plan and now we run together on the weekends. I'm so proud of her for making this step and I've seen her improve so much in the past week that it excites me. Sharing my passion for running with someone else makes me all giddy. The weather was gorgeous over the weekend so we found some trails along a lake and ran. There was a ton of people out because it was finally warm and we hadn't seen the sun all week. I'm already looking forward to this weekends running date. 

2. Speaking of weather, this past week has been really hard for me. I've struggled a lot since returning from Hawaii because I am an outdoorsy person by nature. I hate being trapped inside, thus Hawaii was perfect because I was outside all day. Every single day this week it has rained and been dark and cloudy and it's really affecting me. Most people have heard of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and I'm convinced I have it because I've just been depressed with this weather. I need a big dose of vitamin D ASAP!

3. One of the things that did make me feel a little better and helped relieve some lupus pain was a slow burn yoga class. I haven't been to a yoga class in months and I've missed it so much. My boyfriend was a trooper and went with me. It felt amazing to stretch out and forget about everything except being present. Yoga really does work wonders and I'm going to try to go more often.

4. I had some banana that were getting mighty spotty on the counter so I decided to whip up some banana bread muffins. I modified rachLmansfield's famous banana bread recipe. I used a nut free butter, two eggs and one egg white, more cinnamon, no chocolate chips, instead of a bread I made muffins, and I sprinkled a little brown sugar on top. The muffins came out and are so good! I definitely recommend trying out her recipe. 

5. Have you ever seen a 20 pound jackfruit? Yeah me either until I went grocery shopping last week. I've seen jackfruit down in the tropics, but never this big and honestly I have no idea what you do with a jackfruit. It was priced per pound and when I calculated it out it would have been over $30 to buy this jackfruit! I wonder if anyone ended up buying it. Side note, please excuse my appearance. It was pouring rain and I had a bad hair day, thus the hat and I was attempting to hide the fact I haven't gotten more than 3 hours sleep since returning from vacay. 

6. I came across this quote as I was scrolling through my pinterest feed and it totally resonated with me. Someone from my past had recently reappeared and wanted back in in my life in a way that wasn't possible. I had long ago forgiven this person, but sometimes it's better and healthier to let people out of your life and heart. Relationships can be toxic, thus you need to be careful who you let into your life. Surround yourself with people who support you, are positive influences in your life, and only want what is best for you. 

I'm going to end things there this week. Have a terrific Thursday and an awesome weekend! 

What is your favorite way to beat the weather blues?
Have you ever seen a jackfruit or do you know what to do with it?


  1. I totally know what you mean about weather blues; I actually still like to get outside even if it's rainy or snowy, because the fresh air really does do wonders for my mood.

    And the kids in Uganda LOVED jackfruit; I tried some... and I guess it wasn't my favorite?

    1. I wish I could get out in the rain, but my allergies get so bad and I end up so sick. I rather be outside than stuck inside but it doesn't always work. I go so stir crazy inside, I need my vitamin D!

      What does jackfruit taste like? Let alone how do you cut it?!