Thursday, June 22, 2017

Birthday Celebrations: Thinking Out Loud #42

Happy Thursday! It's been a busy week, but a good one especially since my birthday was yesterday🎉 The weather has been so beautiful week and summer is now in full force. Nothing makes me happier than walking outside to sunshine and warm weather⛅ Anyway let's jump into this weeks thinking out loud!

1. Morning runs are my absolute favorite because I get to watch the sunrise. I'm not one who normally listens to music while running and the silence is just peaceful. On my long run mornings when I start really early (it's still dark) it's really beautiful to watch the world come to life and the sun peak over the horizon. I've even converted a few of my friends to morning runners. Plus, nothing beats starting the day off feeling accomplished because I've already gotten my run out of the way. 

2. I switched my long run day to Saturday a few weeks back so I can use Sunday as an active recovery day. Changing up my schedule has really helped me feel more rested and I don't know why but I just dreaded doing a long run on Sunday. Now I look forward to my long runs and when Monday rolls around I feel more rested and ready to tackle a new week of training. 

3. Speaking of long runs, anyone who has problems with chaffing I highly recommend body glide. I picked it up at my local running and it's been a skin saver. I've never had problems with chaffing, but a few weeks ago I did nine miles and a spot on my leg was just rubbed raw from my shorts. It was so painful, but since I got body glide I've had zero problems with chaffing. The only problem I now have is shin splints, so if you have tips on how to help that please let me know!

4. It's been super hot in the Midwest recently and while I don't mind the heat I'm not a fan of the humidity. With almost every day in the 90's and anywhere from 70-90% humidity it's been kind of miserable, but luckily living on a lake makes it much easier to cool down. Cora has been in the lake constantly, she literally lays down in the shallow water. She's such a goof, but I'm glad she likes the lake and is smart enough to go in and cool down.

5. Father's Day was this past weekend and I was happy I got to spend a lot of time with my dad. We didn't do anything super special, but it was nice to get some projects done my dad wanted to do and just enjoy each others company. After a special Father's Day dinner and a run to Home Depot my dad and I stopped for dairy free froyo. It was such a fun day and I honestly can't remember my dad and I laughed so much.

6. I want to say a big THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes I received yesterday! It was the first time in 10+ years it didn't pour on my birthday so I spent the entire day outside enjoying the summer weather. I had a great run in the morning, went to lunch and walked around a local downtown, spent time with family, and got lots of puppy time in. I can't remember the last time I had such a relaxing birthday so it was nice. So, thank you for all of the comments, messages, texts, etc. it really means a lot to me💜

I'm going to end things there this week, have an amazing Thursday and a fantastic weekend! Thank you again for all the birthday wishes!

How do you like to celebrate your birthday or what traditions do you have to celebrate?
What are your favorite ways to beat the summer heat?


  1. Wow what an awesome birthday! I'm so glad you got to have some delightful time outside and that your run went so well. And I can't imagine running with so much humidity; you are a brave girl! The most humid it ever gets in Colorado is probably about 25%-30% humidity, unless it's raining.

    Hmmm.... my favorite way to beat the summer heat is to go into the air conditioned grocery stores. :D

    1. Wow, that's really low humidity! I would love for the humidity to be that low, but you guys also get WAY more snow than us. Someday I'll have to visit CO but the altitude change would definitely throw me off.

      Haha YES!! That is seriously me! I love walking into a grocery store and the air is cold and I'm just like AH yes! Plus who doesn't love wandering around a grocery store?! I hope you're having an amazing weekend Em <3

  2. I feel ya on the horrible heat/humidity! Body Glide is definitely a life saver! Happy belated birthday! I could go for some froyo right now!

    1. Luckily the humidity has dropped this weekend (just in time for a long run!!), but yeah it's been rough! Thank you so much <3 I hope you're having a fabulous weekend!!

  3. I love being up and seeing the sunrise!! Isn't it so peaceful?! Happy belated birthday love!

    1. It's so peaceful and it just starts my day off on a good note! Thank you so much love <3 I hope you're having an amazing weekend!!