Thursday, June 1, 2017

California Dreaming: Thinking Out Loud #39

I am a giant hot mess this week. The holiday weekend combined with changing time zones has totally thrown me off so all week I've been saying its the wrong day. The struggle is very real this week😩 Nonetheless it was a fantastic Memorial Day weekend and I hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend as well. Let's jump in to this weeks thinking out loud!

1. I've spent some time this past week traveling and I stumbled across this quote as I scrolled through pintrest waiting in the airport. The more quotes I come across from Elizabeth Gilbert the more I'm convinced I need to read Eat Pray Love. I definitely have the travel bug and every chance I get to travel I instantly jump on because life is too short to stay in one place. Gilbert hit it dead on because I've been through the wringer with flying (I'm looking at you Alaska Airlines), but I always come back for more. I have learned more traveling than I ever learned in a classroom. The world is an amazing place and I want to see as much of it as I can🌎

2. No trip to California is complete without a trip to Newport Beach. Luckily my brother lives very close to Newport so it doesn't take long at all to head to the beach. Newport Beach is beyond a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to. The area is gorgeous and so well kept and I instantly feel at ease when I get into Newport. It's definitely a must if you go to SoCal and definitely stay for sunset. Nothing beats sunset on Newport Beach. 

3. I discovered a new restaurant to add to the list of favorites in California, Corner Bakery Cafe. It's sort of like Panera but a zillion times better! The food is so fresh, the salads are AMAZING, and the service was amazing. I stopped in twice and both times were equally amazing. They have a number of locations, but we went to the one at the Spectrum Center in Irvine. I'm craving one of their salads😋

4. Another must in Cali is Pressed Juicery Freeze. It's like frozen yogurt, but it's made from fruits, veggies, and nuts and its AMAZING🙌 I got chocolate and vanilla and chose blueberries, raspberries, and cacao nibs as toppings. I'm already starting a petition to get Pressed to come to the Midwest. 

5. I always pack snacks for plane rides and boy am I glad I did! I had a few protein bars stuffed in my backpack and for some reason I threw in a few extra. My flight ended up getting pushed back so I almost missed my connecting flight and had zero time to grab a lunch in the airport. Thankfully I had a a No Cow bar with me and got a fresh banana from Delta (props to Delta for offering fresh fruit!). I'm not big on eating protein bars, but No Cow bars are gluten, dairy, and soy free, they taste great and don't have any scary ingredients. 

6. While flying we flew around a forest fire in a national park in Arizona. It was so sad to see the smoke cloud and we were miles and miles from the actual fire. It broke my heart to know that so many acres of national forest were burning because of the careless actions of individuals starting a campfire. 

7. I learned my lesson yesterday running. My body simply does not handle running later in the day well at all. My neighbor needed help watching her little girl because she had to leave early for work so I went over at 5:30am and eventually woke the daughter up, got her fed, and took her to school. She is such a sweet kid with the absolute best manners I have ever seen. Then I had a last minute doctor appointment so I didn't start my run until almost 11am. It was hot, super windy, and I had a decent amount of food in me. My body doesn't do good with food in it- I get sluggish and feel gross no matter how long I wait after I eat. I was fine until about 2.5 miles in and everything just hit me. I was tired from major insomnia (literally no sleep since Sunday) and the weather conditions were less than ideal. I battled through and got my five miles in but lesson learned run early. 

I'm going to end things there. Have a terrific Thursday and an amazing weekend🎉🎉

Did you do anything fun for Memorial Day weekend?
What is your go to snack when traveling?


  1. Forest fires make me sad too; it's hard to see so much of the green trees consumed. It's amazing though how God does restore and rebuild the forests after the forest fires happen. I hope people are safe.

    For Memorial Day on Monday we had a church picnic, and then my dad and sisters and I went to see a movie!