Thursday, June 15, 2017

Penguin Pride and Running: Thinking Out Loud #41

I've seriously been slacking with blogging recently (sorry). I partially blame this weird funk I've been in, but the other part is life has just been chaotic this past week especially with the stomach flu making it's way into the house (so not fun). Anywho let's jump into this weeks thinking out loud.

1. Last week I was literally jumping for joy because my runs were amazing. I was my miles easily, around 6.5 miles a day then a long run on the weekend, and everything was feeling good. This week has really been a struggle. Mentally I know that not every week in a training cycle is going to be amazing but it's kind of been getting to me. I started having calf pain on Tuesday night so I took Wednesday off to rest and ice, but this mornings run was brutal. Aside from terrible weather (read about that here) my legs felt like lead. I think some of it is soreness from leg day but they just did not want to get going. I'm just praying whatever is going on shakes off before my long run this weekend. 

2. A huge part of the problem this week is I've felt like total garbage. I've had stomach problems for years and regularly see a GI, but this week has been really rough. After eating anything I've felt like I'm going to puke, so I've been struggling to eat. I've been getting horrible stomach cramps- like painful to breath stomach cramps- and it's just physically ached for about a week. Sometimes lupus will kind of flare and irritate my stomach but this was not going away so I sucked it up and called my GI. I have an appointment today and am praying he has some answers or can offer some help because it's been absolutely miserable. 

3. On the bright side, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. It's been 90F degrees almost every day and sunny. Cora has been getting plenty of lake time to keep cool. A lot of times I'll let her outside to do her business and turn around and she's charging down to the lake to go for a swim. I'm telling you she's half fish! I cannot keep her out of the water, but when it's this hot she needs to stay cool. 

4. Speaking of staying cool, with the hot temps I've been trying to take time each day to enjoy the lake. I got a giant inflatable swam and it's one of the best investments I've made😂 sad, but true. I got my dad to come test it out too and literally I cannot tell you the last time we've laughed so hard. We were dying laughing inflating it because it just kept getting bigger but the laughing didn't stop once we got it in the water. It felt good to just spend time with my dad and have fun. Neither of us have been feeling good so just to have that time together to forget about all that for a bit was really nice. If you're interested this is the swan I got.

5. I can't not mention the fact that the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup for a second straight year!! Anyone who knows me knows I'm a giant Penguins fan and I was flipping out when they scored. It was a good game to watch and nothing makes me prouder than watching Sidney Crosby hoist Lord Stanley. Nashville was a really great team and put up a hard fight, but I'm glad the Penguins prevailed. GO PENS🎉🎉🎉

6. The giant swan got named Henry and we have date nights. My best friend texted me and asked what I was doing and I told her I was having date night with Henry. It's so relaxing to just get on it and float for awhile. I may have had a glass of wine while I was out floating the other night🍷 you gotta live a little right?

7. I came across this quote and I was just like yes that is me to a T. I literally crave the ocean and miss it so much when I'm not near it. My favorite sound is listening to the ocean waves crash, I could listen to that forever and never get tired of it. Anyone else an oceanholic? 

I'm going to end things there this week. Have a terrific Thursday and an amazing weekend, and don't forget to celebrate Dad on Sunday!

Are you doing anything special for your dad for Father's Day?
What helps you get out of a funk?


  1. You are such an ocean and hot sunny days girl; I love how you and Cora both love the water so much. :) Also, praying for your GI system; I'm curious. Would you be interested in talking to a dietitian who works with digestion or would that not be helpful?

    It's been fun seeing you enjoy all of those runs. :) Hmm... I'm not sure what we'll do for Father's Day.

    When I get in a funk, I like to go workout or take a nap or read or listen to Scripture or hang out with my family.

    1. Awe, thank you Emily <3 I literally cannot keep Cora out of the water, but with that much fur she gets hot super easily. Thank you so much for your prayers. I definitely would be interested in talking to a dietitian down the line, but right now my GI is trying to figure out if I have some kind of bacterial infection or something more serious. I'm getting some testing done so I'm hoping it will provide some answers.

      I hope your dad has a wonderful Father's Day!!

      Napping is definitely wonderful! A little extra sleep always helps and nothing is better than hanging out with family! Have a terrific day Emily!!