Monday, July 24, 2017

My Workout Must Haves

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend and are ready for a new week. I've gotten a lot of questions recently about where I get my workout gear and what my favorite brands are. To be honest, I've never been a person who cares about brand names. When I workout I want gear that will move with me, wick away sweat, and not get in the way. 

This year I have invested in a few more quality pieces and it has been so worth it. None of the pieces have broken the bank and some of the stuff I have been so happy with that I've bought it in another color or style. Here are eight of my workout essentials, and no I'm not paid by any of these brands to promote their products. These are products I use every single day and I genuinely love. 

I've tried countless workout tops over the years, but this is by far my favorite. Baleaf tanks and tops actually pull sweat away from my body and keep me cool in a way no other brand has before. These are my favorite tanks to run in because even when I'm running in 90F degree heat with 100% humidity the tank will be drenched by the end of my run, but I won't feel super sweaty because it's been wicking. You really can't beat the price for $9.99 (free shipping for Amazon Prime members), plus it comes in a variety of really pretty colors. 

This tank is another favorite of mine because it also does a fantastic job wicking away sweat, but it's great for workouts on really hot days when you sweat a ton because it has antimicrobial technology so you won't smell all sweaty. I have both the blue and white (I'm hoping to get purple soon), but my only beef with this tank is the sizing runs pretty large. I normally wear an XS, but the XS is still a bit baggy on me, but I love the shirt and wear it all the time so the sizing doesn't deter me. As an added bonus this tank is currently on sale for $25.99 at Dick's.

Hands down the BEST running shorts I've ever owned. Period. I am beyond picky when it comes to running shorts, especially because I chafe so easily, so I'm very fussy about what I buy. I spent years looking for a decent line of running shorts and I will never again buy anything but Calia running shorts. They wick away sweat, keep me cool, move with my body, have a nifty pocket to put a key, ID, etc., and honestly they're so comfortable I forget I'm wearing them. I've had Calia shorts since January and not once have I chafed with them, that's including running in extreme heat, humidity, rain, and a slew of other chafe inducing conditions. Do yourself a favor and buy these shorts, you won't regret it, plus they're currently on sale for $29.99 at Dicks. 

These are the exact same shorts as above, but just a printed version. I bought these as soon as they came out and I get compliments on them all the time. The colors are gorgeous, they're incredibly comfortable, and honestly you can do any sport in them- run, bike, lift, yoga, etc. The shorts are a little pricier at $45, but it's most definitely a worthwhile investment not to chafe and the quality is really fantastic.

Good sports bras are hard to find, especially if you're lacking in the boob department. Finding a bra that's comfortable, doesn't squeeze, but still offers support has long been a struggle. Sometimes I think sports bras are all designed by men because simply offering small, medium, and large really does not work for most people. Anyway I digress. While this sports bra does come in the standard sizes, I've found the sizing to be spot on. It supports me in all the right places, doesn't squeeze me to death, and the adjustable straps make it much easier to customize the right fit. Currently it's on sale for $21.99, which is an AWESOME price for a sports bra. I'm sure others can relate to the struggle to find a good sports bra.

6. Calia Low Cut Socks

Before you say I'm crazy for paying $12 for three pairs of socks hear me out. I've tried numerous other brands of sports socks but most of them left me feet so hot. I've even had socks that were so uncomfortable that they've caused blisters. What I love about these socks is they are incredibly light and super breathable. For the first time in I have no idea how long I didn't feel like I was overheating while running in these socks. I promptly made a return trip to Dick's and bought a second (and maybe a third) pack of these socks. Definitely worth the investment, plus they're great overall socks for everyday use too.

I don't like sweat dripping down my face or in my eyes when I workout so I use a headband to catch it. I tried cotton, which made me way too hot, and the ever popular Bondi Bands, which was so thin it didn't catch anything so it was promptly returned. I came across Heliacal headbands on Amazon and I haven't looked back. I have them in four color and absolutely love them. I've even gotten a few ladies at the gym to start using them too because they were unhappy with the cotton ones they were using. The headbands come in a variety of colors, but most importantly they actually wick away sweat and stay in place! The bands cost $6.49 for one, but it's the best headband I've ever owned so I have no complaints.

8. Garmin Forerunner 235

So this isn't clothing, but this is another essential for me when I workout. It tracks heart rate, steps, and if you're a runner/cycler/swimmer this watch is a MUST. I love using it for running because after I log a run I go into the Garmin app and it will break down the run. Of course it tracks all the usual stuff like pace, elevation, etc, but it also tracks cadence and so much more. All of the information is really fascinating to me and it's helped me reach my target heart rate zone during runs and stay in that zone for the duration of my run. You can also plan runs so you can hit a target pace or mileage. Everything about the watch is customizable to you and your body and the battery life is fantastic. I only have to charge mine about once a week. The watch will set you back over $300, but if you're serious about training then it's a worthwhile investment. I wear mine all the time and if you go with the black or white color it will match everything.

What are some of your workout essentials? 
Is there one brand of workout gear that you really love?


  1. Ooh, I'll have to check out the headband! I have a few bondibands from race expos, but they don't stay in place very well.

    1. Definitely get one, I really cannot recommend them enough! I have one in every color (some of the colors are sold out currently), but I have run miles upon miles with them and it NEVER moves! It wicks sweat away and really is the best headband. It is tight when you first get it but it will stretch out. WAY better than a Bondiband- I had one and hated it so much I returned it. I have zero complaints about these headbands.