Thursday, July 27, 2017

S'more Physical Therapy: Thinking Out Loud #47

Happy Thursday! This week hasn't flown by, but it's definitely been a busy week. The weather has me in a bit of a funk though because it's only been in the mid 70's most of the week and I'm missing the 90's. Call me crazy, but I like the heat in the summer. Besides, it's good beach weather🌴 I cannot be the only one who enjoys the summertime heat. Anyway, let's jump into this weeks thinking out loud (and yes I totally cracked myself up with the pun in the title of today's post😂)

1. I have gotten a ton of questions about s'more brownies since my sweet friend Erica posted a picture of them on instagram. These brownies are super easy to make and if you're in a time crunch you can do it the easy way by using a box mix of brownies. You can nab the recipe here. I have taken these brownies to countless campfires, grad parties, picnics, and other events and they've been a hit every single time, plus they're perfect for summer👌

2. One of my best friends moves to Northern California Sunday and I am not prepared to say goodbye😥 He got a job with the forestry to fight wildfires and he'll do an amazing job, but that doesn't make the goodbye any easier. We met on the first day of sixth grade and the rest is history. Our last names were always right next to each other so we always got sat next to each other in all our classes. We've been through so much together and he really is one of the greatest guys I know. We share the same love of the outdoors so I'm going to miss having someone to go hiking with on a whim and we both loved finding hole in the wall restaurants to try out. I know it's not goodbye forever because I will be visiting but it's never easy to say goodbye when someone has been a constant in your life for over a decade. 

3. I spent some time with my mom over the weekend and we decided to take a trip to Whole Foods. We both love browsing in that store and could easily spend WAY too much money on food. I picked up some fruit since I was low, but I also picked up butternut squash zig zags to try. HOLY MOLY THEY'RE AMAZING😍 I roasted them at 425F degrees for 22 minutes and they came out in a state of crispy perfection. I could easily eat my weight in these bad boys and am debating dragging my boyfriend out to Whole Foods this weekend to get more😋  

4. Last week was a stressful and chaotic week and to cap off the week the water heater died. I'm pretty good when it comes to home repairs (thanks dad👋), but I know squat about replacing a water heater. Luckily my uncle came over and helped, but six hours later and two more trips to Home Depot for missing parts and I had hot water again. After finishing that I jumped in the lake to cool down and floated on Henry for awhile because I was a sweaty mess.

5. One of my friends sent me a Buzzfeed article this week of relatable tweets. I laughed so hard at some of the tweets, especially this one😂 I am so guilty of hearing something fall when I close the cupboard and not fixing it, but then it always bites me in the butt because when I open the cupboard next it falls on me. I think we've all done this a time or two (or two million😂)

6. My regular physical therapist is on vacation this week so I met with a different one and I was concerned because I had never met the guy before. Right off the bat he made a really good impression and switched up the entire routine of what I had been doing. I had felt like I wasn't being pushed in PT and I knew I wasn't making progress and I was incredibly frustrated because I want to heal, get better, and get back to running again. This guy approached me with an athletic mindset which I need because I need to push myself and compete again myself. Some of the stuff we did was really hard, but I NEEDED that. After he we went through the workout he really worked my knee and calf and honestly it's the best it has felt since before I got hurt. I don't know what kind of magic he worked, but I'm super excited to work with him again today.

7. Hands down my favorite quote I came across this week and one of my new favorite quotes. I know I am so guilty of comparing myself to others and with things like instagram the comparison trap is quite real. In reality social media is everyones highlight reels because who wants to post a bad/unflattering picture? Instead of comparing yourself to someone else, next time focus on the fact that yeah that person is beautiful but so are you. Everyone is beautiful and unique. There is not two of you and no one is a better you than you so embrace your differences and what makes you unique because when you do that is when you will be the most beautiful💜

I'm going to end things there this week. Have an amazing Thursday and a fantastic weekend🎉🎉🎉

How do you avoid falling into the comparison trap?
What is your favorite summertime sweet treat?


  1. So happy the Lord provided you with such a great new physical therapist. I love that mindset of him wanting you to challenge yourself to compete against yourself to get better! <3 I do fall into the comparison trap still sometimes with workouts, and I have to remind myself that God gave me my body to use for His glory and that looks different from other people.

    I always love seeing you get to go out to the lake to float on Henry. That just sounds sooo relaxing and so destressing.

    It's sad to say bye to friends, but ... the perk is that you now have a friend who needs to be visited in California.

  2. I want to try those buttersquash zig zags! They have something similar at Trader Joes!

  3. A Whole Foods just opened up in my neighborhood last week. So far it's been so crowded everyday but in a few weeks, when things settle down, I might score some finds like that too :-)
    Love the quote as well. We should all celebrate our unique beauty.

  4. I'm just finally catching up from being away. Are you able to keep your new physical therapist?! It's so important, in that arena, to work with someone who understands and gets you! Mine was fantastic after my surgery and I credit her for some of the speediness in my recovery. I've got my fingers crossed for you!!

    And ugh, sorry about the water heater but glad your uncle was able to help fix it!

    Ah, the comparison trap. That's a difficult one to pry yourself out of. It's like a bear trap - powerful and ridiculous all at the same time. Sometimes I'm good and sometimes, I'm caught. :/ It's hard. I just try to remember that I'm me and they're them and the world is better for the both of us. I'm the only one who can be me!!! And you, my friend, are the only one who can be YOU! ��