Thursday, August 3, 2017

Dogs and Dinosaurs: Thinking Out Loud #48

Happy Thursday and happy August! How is it August already?! I am not ready for summer to be over because I know what's around the corner, aka winter, and I am certainly not ready to be freezing 24/7 again. We have been having some gorgeous weather in the mitten this week. There has been loads of sunshine and warm temps all equaling up to the perfect lake day weather. Anyway, let's jump into this weeks thinking out loud!

1. I'm still chugging away in physical therapy. I'd like to say I'm patient, resting tons to let it heal and all that junk but that's so not true. I'm beyond impatient and so ready to run again. The therapist gave me workouts that I can do, plus I can still lift (minus leg day), and I was given a cardio workout to do that involves the treadmill and the bike. The treadmill and I are not currently friends because I absolutely hate walking on the dang thing🙄 It's too early in the morning to go for a walk outside and for now the therapist wants me walking on a steady surface. I'm being good though and doing all my at home exercises and icing so fingers crossed I'll be running sooner rather than later. 

2. With the sun rising later and later in the morning I get to see the sunrise on my way home from the gym. I love watching the sunrise and with views like this who wouldn't?! I can't wait to be able to head out for sunrise runs again🏃‍♀️

3. I don't share a lot of food pics on instagram anymore, but I have gotten questions and comments asking if I still put sprinkles on my oatmeal. Of course I still put sprinkles on my oats! I used dinosaur sprinkles the other day, they're my favorite, but sadly that was the last of my dinosaur sprinkles😩 I've yet to find more dino sprinkles at the grocery store so I might have to hunt some down on Amazon. 

4. My boyfriend sent me this meme the other day and just said this is you. He's totally right, it's 100% me😂 anyone who knows me knows I'm totally obsessed with dogs. I have dog radar and I know when there's a dog around. I go up to people all the time asking people if I can pet their dogs. If I had the means I would probably have a house full of dogs, however, currently I don't have the means or the space for a house full of dogs, but one day.

5. I shared a pictures from the lake on instagram a few days ago and my direct messages were flooded with questions asking where I got my bathing suit top. I got it at Target and while the same one isn't available anymore I found two that are basically the same one that I have, except one is a bralette and the other is a regular bikini top. If you've never shopped at Target for a bathing suit you're missing out! They have a huge selection and they hold up really well. 

6. The weather really has been picture perfect, so I've been getting outside as much as possible. The lake has been really warm so I've been spending time floating on Henry soaking up the sun- with sunscreen on of course😉

7. I'm super excited to share a review with you next week for LoveBug probiotics. The company reached out to me and asked if I'd be interesting in trying them out, funny enough I had been eyeing them at Target for some time because I was looking for a new probiotic. I'm very excited to share that with you so be on the lookout for that next week!

8. Per usual I am ending with a quote. I love this quote because I firmly believe that stuff will never make you happy. Surrounding yourself with good people and living life to the fullest by enjoying the moment and traveling will make you happy. Possessions weigh you don't but memories don't.

Have a great Thursday and a fabulous weekend everyone🎉🎉🎉

Is there a trait that people associate with you, like being dog obsessed?
What is your favorite way to enjoy the beautiful summer weather?


  1. If we lived near a lake, I would love to go swimming in it regularly. My favorite thing is to take our dogs out and go on a walk. I LOVE dogs too so I totally get your dog obsession. They are such a blessing from God! And I love your dino sprinkles; I just have to say that I hope you are always able to find some form of sprinkle for your oats. They really add that splash of color and happiness. ;-)

    1. Dog walking is so relaxing and I imagine the scenery is gorgeous in CO. Dogs are such a blessing, I might get mad when Cora misbehaves, but I still love her to pieces. I always love watching your IG stories with your pups!

  2. I may or may not have a small cat obsession..... 3 cats isn't too many, right? lol Now, you do what that therapist tells you!!! I feel you on the treadmill but a stable but boring surface is better than potentially tossing a wrench into your healing plans!!

    1. Three is totally not that many! I feel like you can have more cats than dogs because they don't require as much work as a dog. Besides who doesn't love fluffy kittens?! Haha, I promise I am doing what my PT tells me I might just grumble a little ;)

  3. I had to click on your post in the link up because of the word dino. My oldest is obsessed with dinosaurs and has huge dreams of becoming a paleontologist and discovering a new dino. If I come across dino sprinkles, I'll let you know!

    1. That is so awesome he wants to be a paleontologist! It would be amazing to find dinosaur bones and study them. I've heard the Wyoming Dinosaur Center is supposed to be amazing, they have 30 full skeletons there. I don't know if that's anywhere near you or not, but it might be perfect for your son!