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Hi, I'm Rachael.

My life is a balancing act. I am a full time student studying broadcast journalism and I lead a pretty chaotic life. Balancing a full load of classes while maintaining a healthy life is not always easy, but I've learned how to successfully balance the two. 

I am passionate about living a healthy life and I want people to know it doesn't have to be difficult to do. Changing a few things can have a big impact on your entire life. I know firsthand how difficult change can be. I used to be the unhealthy one until I overhauled my life and realized how much better I felt. Clean eating and working out can and will change your life for the better.

However, I don't believe in diets, so don't come here and expect to find one. I do believe in making several small changes that become big changes over time. Cutting out entire food groups will only make you crave them and will lead to a binge. Moderation is key. 

Now that you know my basic philosophy I suppose while I'm at it I should tell you a little about myself. As you already read I am a full time student studying broadcast journalism, one day I hope to work as a broadcaster for the NHL. I am a gigantic hockey fan and literally can enjoy any hockey game, but the Pittsburgh Penguins are my team of choice.

My guilty pleasure is fruit. I LOVE FRUIT! I don't like and can't eat sweets because they make me really sick, but fruit I could eat it ALL DAY LONG! It's natures candy and way better for you!  

I don't ever eat fast food. For one it literally makes sick and two I have seen way too many documentaries and have enough nightmares to last me a lifetime. I am cringing just thinking about fast food. Plus I save a ton of money by eating my meals in or packing one to go. 

I am an extreme morning person. I usually get up around 4 AM everyday and grab a quick bite to eat then head off to the gym.

I LOVE working out! A year ago I started to get into lifting and about six months ago I started to get serious about it. There's something really empowering about lifting weights, especially when guys look at me like 'I'd like to see you try to lift that little lady" and then I do- best feeling ever! Generally my workouts are a mix of strength training (weights), HIIT training, and cardio. I love yoga, but use it more for relaxation purposes. 

My favorite place to travel to is Hawaii. The islands are so beautiful and I consider them my second home. If the cost of living was not so outrageous I would pack up and move in a heartbeat.

I have a crazy puppy named Cora. She is a little over two years old now, but still very much a puppy. She's a border collie german shepard mix with a serious case of ADHD (not even kidding). I picked her out from a shelter in my hometown and it's been a rollarcoaster ride ever since, but I love her to pieces. 

Basically that is me in a nutshell. I want to thank you for checking out my blog! I hope you find recipes you like, tips that help you, and in some way you leave inspired to live The Simple Life. God bless!

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD you God will be with you wherever you go.
Joshua 1:9

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