Thursday, April 19, 2018

Spring Are You There?: Thinking Out Loud #85

Happy Thursday! Is anyone else super tired of the cold weather and ready for spring🙋last weekend we were under a blizzard warning. Off in western parts of the state I-80, which is a main highway across the country, was shut down because conditions were so bad. I'm just done with snow and ready for warm weather and lots of sunshine. Plus my past self could use a tan. Anyway, let's jump into this weeks thinking out loud.

1. I am missing these view while running. Last week there was several days in the 70's and 80's so I was running outside in a park, but now it's back to being winter and freezing cold so I'm stuck on the treadmill. I can't wait until it finally warms up so I can get back outside on the trails. Plus, I just got new insoles that I've been loving and I want to use them more outside, but running out in the cold just doesn't work well for me. Fingers crossed spring weather comes soon🌸

2. Speaking of winter weather is anyone else really tired of getting all bundled up? When I'm doing live shots outside I've been wearing my heavy duty winter coat, gloves, sometimes a hat, and boots. It's the middle of April for crying out loud I shouldn't have to be this bundled up! 

3. On a good note it feels like spring in my apartment. These beautiful tulips (I think they're tulips anyway) were given to me, so when I need a little dose of spring I look at these beauties and pretend it's sunny and 70 outside and that there isn't snow outside. I know nothing about flowers other than they're pretty. 

4. My best friend from back home is seriously the cutest. She send me letters or cards in the mail and she always seals them with Disney stickers. Don't ask me where she gets the stickers from, but it never fails to crack me up or brighten my day. Nothing beats some good old fashioned snail mail, plus anything is better than bills!

5. Any fellow margarita lovers out there? All month long Applebee's has dollar margaritas🍹one day last week all of us got off work and went there to get some. They're full size margarita's too so it's a good deal, plus it was a nice way to unwind after work with friends. There's still time to enjoy before the months up and they switch drinks. 

6. I love this quote (I say that every week I know). I love scrolling through quotes on Pinterest and finding inspiration from them. My favorite thing is when I come across a quote and immediately connect with it. This quote I connected with right away because I love the feeling of meeting someone new and having the instant spark and connection with them. When there's something right away you just know and you can't stop thinking about them I think that's such a beautiful and pure feeling. 

Have a terrific Thursday and a great weekend, fingers crossed spring comes soon🎉🎉🎉

What is your favorite thing about spring?

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Reporting and Fires: Thinking Out Loud #84

Happy Thursday! It is gorgeous outside so I can't even complain that it has been a long work week. Sadly it's going to snow again over the weekend (will spring ever come and STAY?!), but for now I'm going to focus on the positive and enjoy this beautiful weather🌸Anyway, let's jump into this weeks thinking out loud!

1. I've gotten a lot of questions about what I do on a day to day basis at work and honestly I don't have a consistent day to day. Everyday is something different and that's what I love most about my job. Granted this is from over the weekend so we get to dress a little more casual, but I go to all sorts of events, fundraisers, cover breaking news like fires or police situations, etc. I get to meet amazing people all over the city and share their stories. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because I LOVE my job. 

2. Speaking of fires, I have covered multiple fires as a reporter. As a journalist you have to emotionally detach yourself from situations, which is hard but it's part of the job. I've never had a problem covering fires, I hate watching anyone's residence or business burn, but it's a dynamic breaking news situation. Never have I been more terrified to pull up to a fire as I was this week when I knew one of the firefighters. I watched flames pour out of the roof and my stomach just dropped because I knew he was inside. I had to pull myself out of it to do my job, but our first responders do not get the respect and pay they deserve. I could never run into a burning building, but firefighters do it without thinking twice. 

3. On a lighter note I've been getting back into practicing yoga. I've been so busy with work these past few months it's been hard to find time to do anything. Getting back into the swing of it feels amazing and my body has craved the gentle movement. It's a great way to unwind after work too. I'm still working on my headstand and I like knowing the wall is there in case I need it. It's a work in progress but that's half the fun of it. 

4. How cute is this pup?! His name is Hugh and he's a reading therapy dog. Kids can come to the library and read to Hugh to help improve their confidence and reading abilities. It's such a cute program that really does work. The kids love the dogs (who wouldn't?!) and Hugh was so adorable, he fell asleep while one of the little girls was reading to him💜

5. The past few days have been absolutely beautiful! It's been sunny, in the 70's and when it's that nice it's hard not to be in a great mood. I was sad I didn't have any live shots outside, but I won't even complain because today is going to be beautiful too and I'm definitely going outside to enjoy😎the sad part is winter weather is going to be back soon, which I've had more than enough of already. COME ON SPRING!

6. When I was in Hawaii last year I loved dragon fruit bowls, plus dragon fruit is really good for you. It's a great source of vitamin C and is packed with loads of other nutrients. I found it at the grocery store for cheap and couldn't resist. So far I've been throwing it in smoothie bowls, but if you have other ways of enjoying it comment and let me know!

7. I love this quote because for me I totally relate. Everyone thought I was crazy when I said I wanted to be a news reporter. It's a ridiculously competitive field that can be really brutal (people can be VERY mean), but to me the job is so rewarding. I love getting to share stories that matter and finding people help in their time of need is so rewarding. Looking back I'm so glad I kept fighting to pursue my dreams because I can't imagine doing anything else. 

Have a terrific Thursday and if it's nice by you too I hope you can get out and enjoy the weather🎉🎉🎉

What's your favorite way activity to do for yourself?

What is your dream job and why?

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Easter Eggs & Puppies: Thinking Out Loud #83

Happy Thursday! It's been a long and semi stressful week at work, but it's my weekend so it's all good! Working so many hours this week has taken a toll and I'm ready for some down time. I'm looking forward to weekend with some much needed girl time, especially since one of my friends is getting ready to move to London🇬🇧Anyway let's jump into this weeks thinking out loud

1. This sweet pup is my saving grace. She never fails to greet me whenever I leave my building and is always happy to see me. I'm always showered in sweet puppy kisses, but I never mind. I had a few very rough days at work, but the great thing about dogs she didn't care one bit about that. She was just happy to see me. Petting her and seeing how happy she was to see me instantly put me in a better mood. Dogs are seriously the best💜

2. Even though I didn't get to have an Easter dinner or see family (no holidays in news) I still made time to dye Easter eggs. It was always a tradition at my house growing up to dye eggs, but my mom would never let me get the glitter pack because she HATES glitter, so of course I got that kind this year😬

3. I shared a snap on my instagram and I got flooded with questions about where I got my dress. It's by Calvin Klein, I couldn't find the exact one anywhere anymore but I did find one that's like almost a dead match in a few different colors. You can find that link here, plus it's amazon prime so you can get it in two days🎉

4. Any original Jesse McCartney fans out there🙋I was pumped when I found out he came out with a new single and now I'm obsessed with it. It sounds like old school Jesse McCartney and it's a beautiful song. The music video is pretty cute too, but definitely check out the song! 

5. I caught this on instagram and it really resonated with me. Adulting is HARD and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. It's so easy to compare ourselves to our peers or people we see on social media who have it all. But do they really have it all? I can basically guarantee their lives are not nearly as perfect as their instagram feeds. Life isn't perfect and no one has all the answers. I can promise everyone at some point or another in their lives has felt like they have no idea what they're doing...and that's ok. 

6. Do I even need to comment on this? I've never been one to hold a grudge but of course I get angry from time to time just like everyone else. Holding onto anger will never help you, it will only hurt you. Be quick to forgive and forget because nothing is worth being angry about forever.

Have a great Thursday and a terrific weekend🎉🎉🎉

What's something you worry about as an adult?

Did you do anything fun for Easter?