Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sunrise and Socks: Thinking Out Loud #67

Happy Thursday! This week has flown by for me and I have no complaints about that. It wasn't a crazy long work week which I am thankful for (unlike last week) and I got some pretty cool stories out of it. Plus it's getting close to Christmas which is always exciting. Anyway before I start totally jumping all over the place let's jump into this weeks thinking out loud

1. It's been a little warmer than normal here the past few days, but no complaints. I'll take heat over snow ANY day. I was on my way back from the gym when I saw this gorgeous sunrise. I'm a sucker for sunrises and sunsets. If I had any artistic ability I would pain them, since I don't I'll just stare in wonder at them.

2. Hands down my FAVORITE story this week. Granted the story was just about safety with holiday decorations so you don't burn your house down, but I got a full tour of the fire station, I got to climb inside all the different trucks, and I got to hangout with the guys. I had a blast with the guys, it was the nicest group of guys I have ever met. I really mean that, they were all so welcoming and so much fun to joke around with. I'm still working on getting them to let me slide down a fire pole, so fingers crossed😬

3. I also got to attend an event where students from a high school spent time decorating ornaments and making sugar cookies with seniors at a nursing home. It was so cool to see young people connecting with the elderly. I love hearing people's stories so to see other people enjoying that as well really warmed my heart, plus who doesn't have a soft spot for adorable elderly people?!

4. Any day I get to spend with puppies is a good day👌 these two puppies were brought all the way from the Virgin Islands as part of hurricane relief work. They were the sweetest dogs and I wanted to take them home with me. I do know they have a very good home here now so that makes me happy.

5. Tabio socks arrived! I'm so pumped to test these out! These are supposed to be top of the line for support while running so I'm very curious to try them out. Just putting them on and walking around I could feel the arch support so I'm curious to see how it's going to feel while running. I'll do a full review and have that up next week.

6. Is anyone else mildly stressing over Christmas? I'm basically done except I haven't actually mailed anything out yet, which is kind of stressing me out especially now that I'm seeing shipping delays for some things. I'm going to try to get everything shipped out today so fingers crossed everything arrives before Christmas.

7. I love this quote because at least for me my favorite place immediately pops in my head. Hawaii is that place for me when I'm just in awe of creation because you're surrounded by nothing but beauty no matter where you look. The majesty of creations makes you take a step back and you realize just how small you are in comparison to the world. 

Have a great Thursday and a terrific weekend! The countdown to Christmas is on🎉🎉🎉

Do you have a place that always takes you back, if so where?
What are you looking forward to the most about Christmas?

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Body Positivity and Christmas Lights: Thinking Out Loud #66

Happy Thursday! This past work week for me has felt like it's been never ending. Several big stories broke so there was lots of overtime, which is good for my bank account, but I'm not sure I've ever been so exhausted. Everything aches and several naps are in order for my weekend😴 Being a news reporter is nowhere near as glamorous as most people think, but I do get to share a lot of really cool stories. On the plus side it's almost Christmas!!! Anyway before I babble even more, let's jump into this weeks thinking out loud!

1. I was feeling pretty sad that I wouldn't be able to be home for Christmas, sadly news doesn't have holidays so I'm working Christmas. While I was out last week I found a mini tree on clearance and I couldn't resist. I even got mini glitter ornaments from Target. It's definitely not the same as going home and being surrounded by family, but it beats not having any decoration. Plus it folds right back up and goes in a skinny box so storage isn't a problem👌 I still need to Christmas shop and I really need to get on it because I have to mail my family their presents so I have even less time to get it done🙆

2. I've loved glitter for my entire life much to my mom's dismay. Since I'm halfway across the country now I decided to buy glitter wrapping paper to wrap presents in, NEVER AGAIN. By the time I had wrapped one small box it looked like a glitter bomb had gone off in my apartment. I had glitter all over me, the floor in my apartment was covered, and somehow it managed to get on the walls? Still not sure how that happened. In the midst of the mess maintenance came knocking🙈 needless to say I will not be buying glitter paper again, but my love of glitter has not been tainted. 

3. Over the summer I took part in a body positivity shoot. One of my good friends from high school started a body positivity campaign called I love this part. Self love is something I think we all struggle with from time to time, some more than others, but being in a group of women and talking about our struggles was so mind opening because no matter how beautiful a person is or if they have the ideal body or not everyone struggles. It was so powerful to talk with the other women and share what we loved about ourselves and our bodies. Our bodies are all so different and so unique and that should be celebrated. I really encourage to check out the I love this part website and instagram because it's filled with inspiration and some really amazing women. In the coming weeks I'll share more of the photos from the shoot on my instagram page.

4. Having an autoimmune condition where I basically have no immune system makes me SUPER paranoid when people around me get sick. It's that time of year where people do start getting sick and with the flu shot only being 10% effective this year I'm uber paranoid. I've been taking lovebug probiotics every day to keep my gut healthy and body strong. They have several types that I rotate between, but during the cold months I take their Colds Sucks probiotics because it strengthens the bodies immunity. My body needs all the help it can get. I am in no way shape or form paid to say that, it's a product I genuinely love and support. They're more expensive than your average store brand probiotics, but you get what you pay for and I'd rather pay for a quality supplement where I know there's nothing funky in it than something questionable. 

5. I'm still slowly getting back into running. I knew getting back into it would be hard, but I forgot just how hard recovering from an injury is. I've gained strength from continued weight training and physical therapy, but it's frustrating because I used to pump out 12 miles with no problem. Now sometimes three is a struggle. My physical therapist and orthopedic surgeon have said it's totally normally and will take time, but I'm not the most patient person ever. I just want to be back running normally and pain free again.

6. This quote hit close to home for me this week. Sadly we live in a broken world where a lot of people only want what you for what you can give them. It's not fair and it's not right, but it's taught me who will always have my back and be there for me no matter what. Keep your inner circle close to you, but still be good to everyone even the users.

Have a good Thursday and a great weekend!

What is your favorite part about the Christmas/holiday season?
What is something you love about yourself?

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Live Shots & Running: Thinking Out Loud #65

Happy Thursday! I am BEYOND glad it's Thursday because it's finally my weekend and after working over a week straight I'm exhausted. My weekend plans include a nice long nap and some time at the gym. This week has been challenging, but also a ton of fun. The unseasonably warm weather had me jumping for joy, but of course now it's cold that I finally have time off. Anyway, let's jump into this weeks thinking out loud.

1. Hands down the best part of being a reporter is all the people I get to meet and all the fun events I get to attend. I reported live from a tree lighting last weekend and the Chick-fil-A cow crashed my live shot along with two elves. It was such a blast and I got to meet viewer who were so sweet. I'm seriously in love with this city because people have been so welcoming. I never saw myself ending up here, but I'm glad work lead me here because in the short time I've been here the community has welcomed me with open arms and I'm just amazed at the kindness. 

2. Another part of my job that I love is every I get to dress up all the time. While some days I really don't feel like dressing up I generally love getting to look nice every day. I'm still looking for a few key pieces though, so if anyone has any suggestions of stores to check out- that aren't outrageously expensive- I'm all ears. 

3. Another really fun event I got to attend was a benefit for a local charity. The organization auctions off professionally decorated Christmas trees and all the proceeds go to the organization. While I wasn't a fan of the unicorns I LOVED all the glitter this tree had. It was so fun and unique that I kind of wanted it. 

4. The unseasonably warm weather has been AMAZING🙌 I got off a little before sunset on Black Friday so I hightailed it home and went for a quick run. I have been slowly getting back to running, but I'm taking it slow and following all the doctors orders. I've only been going short distances and keeping it at 2-3 times a week. Due to my schedule it's mostly been inside since I can't run in the middle of the day, but it's progress and that makes me happy.

5. I got to enjoy this stunning view on my run while the sun was setting. I soaked up every moment of the beauty because life is short and you have to enjoy the little things.

6. Of course I wanted to end on a quote, but this one one is technically. If you haven't heard the song New Years Day from Taylor Swift's new album I highly recommend it. It's a slow song, but it's very sweet and it reminds me of classic Taylor Swift.

Have a great Thursday and a fantastic weekend!!

What has been a good thing that has happened to you in the past week?
What are your thoughts about Prince Harry getting engaged? Do you even care?