Thursday, July 11, 2019

WE'RE MARRIED! Thinking Out Loud: 118

Happy Thursday! I've been MIA for a few weeks because we got married on June 8th then we spent two weeks in Maui for our honeymoon and life has been a little crazy since we returned. I caught pneumonia on our return trip home, which I am on the third week of fighting (working with pneumonia is horrible), and we're still working on unpacking from our move which happened the week before our wedding. It's just been slightly chaotic but we're managing. I'll do separate posts about the wedding with all our vendors and one for our honeymoon in Maui with what to do, where to eat, things to avoid, etc. Anyway before I ramble anymore here is this week's thinking out loud.

1. We're married! Technically we've been married but I'm finally getting around to sharing it. Aside from our wedding being a tad too warm, but thankfully it was windy so it wasn't terrible, it was perfect! There were hiccups of course but genuinely I was not stressed for a single moment of it and we had so much fun. Many of our friends said they don't even remember most of their wedding which I didn't want to be the case for us, so we were very intentional about being present in the moment. We didn't do a first look so Brent's reaction was so special the first time we saw one another while I was walking down the aisle. I did do a first look with my dad, who I refused to show him my dress until our wedding day. He was crying and got me crying but it was such a special moment and one I'll never forget. I'll share more details and way more photos when I write up a wedding recap post. 

2. Monday marked one month of being married and Brent surprised me with flowers. I told him not to do anything but I've long since accepted that he's going to do what he's going to do. It was so incredibly sweet of him to do and totally unnecessary. I definitely hit the husband jackpot with him 💜 

3. We had several deserts at our wedding include these brownie shots. We had a bunch leftover so we wrapped them up and put them in the freezer. I've slowly been making a dent on them because they're super yummy. I don't like frosting so I scoop it out. Needless to say these were a big hit at our wedding. 

4. Our honeymoon in Maui was a dream. It was genuinely the first vacation I've ever been on that I felt totally relaxed. We spent our days exploring, playing in the ocean, or laying by the pool and reading. In eleven days I plowed through half a dozen books. It was amazing and so, so refreshing. Having been to the island over half a dozen times it was fun showing Brent some off the beaten path places that tourists don't go to. I got to experience a lot of it with new eyes because he had never been, which made it even more fun to take him to places I love. We're already talking about going back soon- especially to escape winter! 

5.  There were so many special things from our wedding I couldn't bear to part with. I wanted to save my bouquet but some of the flowers don't dry out well so I only saved a few of them and made a shadow box with special trinkets from our big day. The purple orchids are all from my bouquet and the roses are some extra flowers that we had and my matron of honor put a bouquet together with. Brent had tucked a special note in with my shoes which I found on our wedding day. My garter, bouquet charms of grandparents who are no longer living, our cake topper, a heart from our guest book, Brent's boutonnière, an invite and a photo strip of us from the photo booth we had were all included. I got this shadow box off Amazon and I've gotten a ton of compliments on it. I also bought some extra push pins to pin things down with. 

6. Finally, Ginger. She's still living her best life with us. She's been spoiled rotten with soft serve ice cream (in small amounts), trips to the dog park, and all the snuggles. She loves our new home and has made friends with nearly everyone she's met in the building. Ginger is a special one and while she drives us crazy we love her like crazy. If only she didn't shed so much...

I'll stop babbling now, but I will do a wedding and a honeymoon post soon. Have a wonderful Thursday and hang in there it's almost the weekend 🎉🎉🎉

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Wedding Week & Bittersweet Goodbye: Thinking Out Loud #117

Happy Thursday! Holy smokes the wedding is only two days away, EEKK 🎉 🎊 We've been planning everything for so long and are so excited for the day to finally be here! My parents arrived in town last night, Brent's family gets in town today and tomorrow the festivities really begin. I'll be sharing photos and wedding fun on my instagram so be sure to follow along! Before I blabber too long about wedding stuff, let's jump into this weeks thinking out loud

1. We got the keys to our new apartment! We got the keys last Friday and celebrated by eating tacos on the floor and moving stuff in right away. This will be our first apartment together once we get married. Our weekend consisted of packing up two apartments, moving a zillion things, donating a bunch of things, and so many trips between apartments. I told the fiancé we are taking up minimalism because I cannot do this again when we move next 😂 

2. Speaking of moving, since the fiancé lived in a studio apartment and didn't have much we had to get a U-haul for the furniture in my apartment. Brent has never driven a U-Haul or even a trailer for that matter, but he insisted on driving the U-Haul. Five minutes of backing up (and some giggling) later we were finally out of the parking lot. A group of friends showed up at my apartment bright and early Saturday morning to help move furniture. Everything was pretty easy except for the couch...

3. If you follow me on instagram you saw the 800 pound couch saga play out on my story. My couch is amazing- I love it, it's so comfortable, but the only problem is it weighs a zillion pounds. My fiancé knows this so he invited a bunch of our friends to come help move the thing out of my apartment which was only up half a flight of stairs. It was heavy and getting out the doorway and down the stairs was tricky, but not impossible. WELP THAT CHANGED QUICKLY. Our new apartment is in a new building with tight stairwells and it's on the second floor. There's a sharp turn in the stairwell that made it dang near impossible to get the couch up. The couch got stuck. Yup, stuck. Then it got turned sideways, angled, and a lot of cussing later it was freed only to get stuck at the top of the stairwell😳This is where I yelled PIVOT (FRIENDS reference) and only one of our friends understood the reference🤦‍♀️ A few chunks of drywall might be missing from the stairwell but the couch was freed only to be put in backward in the apartment. I'm happy to say the couch is now facing the proper direction and won't be moved for at least a year. 

4. We were up bright and early Sunday morning since neither of us could sleep so we hit Target. $112 later we had cleaning supplies and food for the week so we got back to work unloading boxes and cleaning our old apartments. I'm not sure I've ever been so tired in my life. We were beat from moving, even Ginger was dead tired even though she spent Saturday with one of our friends to stay out of our way. Needless to say moving two apartments into one the week before our wedding wasn't our best idea but I'd much rather do it now than deal with it when we get back from our honeymoon. 

5. Bittersweet. It's been the word this week. We're so excited to fully start life together in a matter of days, but it's also been a week of goodbyes. We had a moment at my old apartment when everything was emptied out when we just stood there and hugged. While the apartment was outdated and ugly inside, it's also a special place for us. It's where Brent came to pick me up for our first date, it's a place we cooked together, laughed together, cried together, and it's the place he proposed to me. Closing the chapter on that apartment was emotional, but we're so ready to start life together in our place. T-2 days 🎉 

I'll probably be MIA next week and the week after as we will be on our honeymoon in Maui🏝I will be sharing photos on my instagram so follow along there. To all those who have sent love our way thank you! It means so much to me and we cannot wait to share wedding photos. Have a terrific weekend 🎉 

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Dogs and Weddings: Thinking Out Loud #116

Happy Thursday! I cannot believe I am already NINE days away from getting married🥳The fiancé and I have talked a lot about how fast these past few months have gone, yet the time for the wedding to get here felt like it dragged out- part of that might be we did things a little backwards but that's a story for another day. Anyway I'm so excited that the wedding is so close, but before I get into all of that let's jump into this weeks thinking out loud! 

1. As the wedding as gotten closer the reality of not having my grandparents there to celebrate with me has really sunk in and been hard. I'd give anything to have them there with me but I know they'll all be there in spirit. I wanted to honor them on our special day so I had charms with their photos made. It's a small way to honor them and have them there with me. If you're lucky enough to have your grandparents around for your wedding day don't take a second of it for granted. I'd give anything to have mine with me for that day. I've gotten a few questions about where I got them. I got them off Etsy from Design by Tami. She did an incredible job and got them to me so quickly, I definitely recommend her! 

2. Moving is hard work! Ginger "helped" Brent and I move some things over to his apartment over the weekend before we move down a floor into our new apartment. I cannot wait to give an apartment tour because it's a BRAND NEW apartment and we'll be the first people to ever live in it! We get our keys on Friday and then the fun of moving two apartments begins. Any bets on how long it takes to unpack our stuff?

3. Speaking of Ginger, she's settling into her new life quite fine. She's been with us for over two months already! She loves pets, cuddling, the dog park, food (especially bacon), sheds like crazy despite being brushed every day (look at my shirt), hates baths, and is for the most part a super sweet dog. We got really lucky with her. Brent and I both say we cannot believe how much fun and laughter she has added to our lives since we got her💜

4. Speaking of the dog park, it's been raining non stop here for what feels like forever so dog park trips have been few and far better. Ginger has made her displeasure with that known, but the sun finally peaked out so we hit the dog park. She ran with Brent, swam, got muddy, and had a grand old time. Now it's back to rainy and miserable so we are praying HARD for good weather for our wedding day🙏 

5. My fiancé is the best. His zipper on his lunch box finally gave out and her ordered one off Amazon. Did he order a normal one? Of course not because that would be boring, so he ordered a screaming alpaca lunch box😂I happen to think alpacas are adorable- something he regularly makes fun of- so I think the lunch box was slightly poking fun at that but I don't care because it's hilarious! 

6. If you haven't heard this song I highly recommend you give it a listen. We were going through songs trying to come up with a few for our wedding slideshow. I stumbled on this one and we love it! It's such a sweet song, we've listened to it dozens of times over the past week. 

As this week wraps to a close and we get busy with moving and the wedding I'll be keeping on top of instagram so head there for photos/videos of the new apartment. I cannot wait to share wedding and honeymoon photos with you guys! Have a fantastic weekend and send prayers for sunshine for the wedding our way please🙏