Thursday, September 20, 2018

Taylor Swift & Peanut Butter: Thinking Out Loud #105

Happy Thursday! It's been awhile, but sometimes breaks are needed and stepping away from screens has been nice. It's hard because all day I'm surrounded by screens, constantly checking social media. It's a big reason I've majorly stepped back from the blog because when I'm off work I just need time away. Anyway, I'm back this week so let's jump into this weeks thinking out loud!

1. Two weeks ago we ventured down to Kansas City for a weekend away from work. Since I work weekends I never get to go out and have fun because I have to be in bright and early, so having a weekend away was super nice. My incredible boyfriend surprised me with Taylor Swift tickets for my birthday. I had been to one Taylor Swift concert before so I knew it would be a good show, but dang it was flat out amazing! She put on such a good show, played almost all the songs from her reputation album along with some older songs. Overall such a good concert and there's no one I would have rather gone with💜

2. While in Kansas City we did some exploring, but the weather wasn't ideal for most of Saturday. Thankfully it cleared up for the concert and then Sunday was beautiful. Sunday morning we ventured to the library in the heart of downtown because they have this incredible front that's made up of book covers. I was super excited to see it, totally nerdy I know, but I love books and I'm not ashamed to admit it. 

3. Do you know someone that really likes peanut butter? I mean really, really likes it? My boyfriend is that person. He goes through so much he bought a four pound container of it at Target. We put a mark on the calendar to see how long the jar lasts. So far we're a week in and he's definitely made a decent dent in it. 

4. I captured this sunset while I was out on a late night shoot with two friends from work. It was so beautiful and I loved how the suns rays could be seen in the blue sky. Sunset is such a magical time. The colors in the sky always amaze me, every night is a little different, and at least for me it's so easy to get lost in the beauty of those moments. 

5. This is one of my all time favorite quotes. I never fully understood how true it was until I started dating my boyfriend. When you find someone you want to spend all your time with, you never get tired of their company, you miss them the second they leave, they feel like home, and they make your world feel more alive and beautiful, at least for me that's when this became true. I knew what it meant to find someone you're so in love with that you'd do anything for and you'd choose them in any version of reality💜

Have a great Thursday and a terrific weekend🎉🎉🎉

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Puppy Yawns and Waffles: Thinking Out loud #104

Happy Thursday! This week has felt long and fairly miserable thanks to allergies. Any fellow allergy sufferers out there🙋it's rained fours days in a row here in Nebraska and of course my number one allergy is mold so the rain hasn't helped that at all. On the bright side I'm off for four days now and get to head out on a mini road trip🚗 But before I head out let's jump into this weeks thinking out loud!

1. Yawning puppies, really does get any cuter than that? My boyfriend and I regularly go to the local humane society to look at dogs and of course play with them too. I'm not a little dog person, but these two baby chihuahuas were so stinking cute. They were all snuggled up when we walked by them, then they perked up and the front fella starting yawning. I can't help but be enamored by puppy yawns😍

2. I saw this running bumper sticker a few days ago and laughed. A normal marathon is 26.2 miles, so getting lost for an extra 1.7 miles is impressive...and a little sad. I told the guy at the running store about this while I was buying new shoes and he got a kick out of it too. I'd love to hear the story behind that one.

3. My boyfriend is beyond amazing. He would hate that I brag on him, but I've never met such a thoughtful, kind, and loving person. Every single day he does something to make sure I know I'm loved. This week has been rough so he slipped a note into my lunchbox, I found it at work and instantly smiled. I thank God every single day for him because he is the biggest blessing in my life. Since I know he reads this, I love you (and I will always brag on you!)💜

4. Peanut butter and bananas, it's a classic combo, but it's even better in waffle form. We've made them several times now when we're making breakfast for dinner. They're super easy to make, only require a few ingredients, and are ready in a jiffy- which is good when you're starving.

5. Sunday morning I was driving back from a super early morning shoot at work when I got stuck at the light right in front of the Nebraska state capitol. It was a quiet, very peaceful morning. There's almost always people milling around, but it was totally quiet for once so I knew I had to take a picture. It's also a really pretty building inside and out. There's so much history in it, it always takes me back.

6. I never thought this verse from Songs of Solomon would mean anything or be true for me. I tried to force relationships on my own for a long time and I can tell you they didn't work out on purpose. I was miserable in them and I was definitely not in love. But God is faithful and his plans work out in his perfect timing. When I was least expecting it he plopped my boyfriend into my life, who had been just a friend and made me see him in a different light. It's something I never expected and never imagined, but I wouldn't change it for the world. Six months ago if you would have told me I would be where I am right now I would have laughed in your face, but God works in ways I will never understand. I can only be incredibly grateful his ways are superior because my way was a disaster. You may not be able to see it now, but I promise you he has far greater things planned for you than you could even begin to imagine.

Have a terrific Thursday and a great weekend🎉🎉🎉

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Running and Sticky Notes: Thinking Out Loud #103

Happy Thursday! Sorry for skipping last weeks thinking out loud, but I was just in need of a digital detox. I spend all day at work on social media and staring at screens so it was nice to take a break. I've also been in a bit of a rut with posting. I rarely cook anything worth sharing, free time isn't something I have a lot of, so I stick to the basics. It's easier that way with my job. Anyway I'll stop babbling now so let's jump into this weeks thinking out loud

1. This song is incredible. My boyfriend stumbled across it while he was watching one of his weightlifting videos (not sure what macho weight lifter would listen to this song), but it's so beautiful. It's instrumental and just a beautiful love song. I highly recommend checking it out! 

2. Running the past couple of months has been a struggle. I've cut back or flat out not done it several times. I think part of it has been from pure exhaustion (work and lupus fatigue), lacking motivation (I'm not afraid to admit it happens to me), and several other factors. Last Thursday I had a really solid run for the first time in a long time. When I was done I sat on the gym floor dripping and sweat smiling from ear to ear like a crazy lady. I wanted to scream FINALLY! Running has always been therapeutic for me so I missed it, but I also wanted to listen to my body which clearly needed a break. I'm not back to running like I was, that will take time and I'm going to listen to my body. If running sounds like a good idea then I'll happily hop on board, if not then I'll do other cardio. 

3. My boyfriend is so unbelievably amazing. We leave each other sticky notes to find all over each others apartments- he's far more creative at finding places to put than I am. I was on the phone with my dad and I opened the fridge to grab my water bottle and just started laughing. Right there on the middle shelf was a sticky note. He's also put one on the toilet that scared me half to death when I went to pee early in the morning. 

4. The humane society here has a snapchat where they post all their adorable animals to their story. My boyfriend and I have gone several times to play with dogs just because we saw them on snapchat. This cutie was posted yesterday and her expression just melted my heart😍the shelter said using snapchat to showcase animals has been a really effective way for them to get animals adopted. 

5.  There is so much still to come in life. Even during the hard moments in life think of all the joy there is still to be had. Don't give up. 
"Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me. Your rod and your staff protect and comfort me." Psalm 23:4

Have a terrific Thursday and an incredible weekend🎉🎉🎉