Thursday, December 5, 2019

Christmas Cards & a New Ride: Thinking Out Loud #125

Happy December! Holy moly where is 2019 going?! I keep waiting for life to slow down a little bit so we can catch our breath but recently it seems to be speeding up and flying by a million miles an hour. We're looking forward to mid-December when our calendars clear out a bit. This will be our first married Christmas so we plan on savoring every last second of it. Before I babble away, let's jump into this weeks thinking out loud!

1. Merry (almost) Christmas! I LOVE our Christmas cards this year. We used a mix of wedding and Christmas photos and I love that we got to include our pups. I printed them with Shutterfly because they're made right here in the U.S.A. so it supports American jobs. My family has always been very conscious of purchasing products made in America for Christmas (and all year) and that's a tradition Brent and I will continue to do. 

2. We hosted our very first Thanksgiving! The turkey turned out great (thanks to my mom for all the tips!), the side dishes were wonderful, and we were joined by awesome friends. Not being able to be with family for the holidays is really hard, but it's a lot easier when you have great friends who are like family. 

3. I convinced Brent to let us get a bigger Christmas tree. Target had them on clearance (onto the next holiday I guess) so we nabbed it for a little over $30! It was a steal and while I'm still firmly on team real tree this was an easier alternative, especially with two dogs who love to knock the tree around. It's honestly a miracle that it hasn't been knocked over yet. 

4. A new ride was added to the family. We finally traded in my 10 year old car, which I loved and miss, for a new car. Thanks to my awesome coworkers and friends we got a 2019 Lincoln MKC. It's beautiful and I'm still attempting to figure out how to work all the technology. The downside is car payments for several years and we have to pay taxes on the car in a month. We'll happily accept donations for taxes because taxes on cars in NE are ABSURD. Let alone I think it's criminal you have to pay taxes every year on your car when you renew you registration. 

5. Oh Ginger. Our sweet pup is finally adjusting to having a baby brother running around like a nut. While she may not like him all the time and sometimes they fight she is super protective of him and sometimes they even cuddle. She'll always be our baby girl and the sweetest pup ever. Zeke has sort of taught her how to play with toys, mostly they take them away from one another but it's an improvement over not touching toys at all. While Ginger and Zeke do drive us crazy some (or a lot) of the time they are very sweet and perfect for our little family. Rescue dogs are the best!

Have a wonderful Thursday and a great weekend!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Christmas Photos & Pupdate Thinking Out Loud #124

Happy Thursday! Can you believe it's already the middle of November?! Where have the last two months gone? Life with two dogs has been VERY busy, but we are loving it. We have been spending more time at home with the pups which has been wonderful. The start of fall was so busy so we are soaking up every second of quiet we can before the holiday craziness begins. Anyway, let's jump into this weeks thinking out loud!

1. I wanted to have some photos taken for our Christmas card, so I enlisted the help of my coworkers wives. She does photography on the side, her prices are insanely reasonable, and her work is beautiful. We took some photos with our pups then she snagged some with just the two of us. OH MY GOODNESS! The photos came out so beautiful and not even five hours after we took photos she had them back to us- we got over 500 photos! I already ordered our Christmas cards and we have gotten a few photos printed and hung in our apartment because they're too beautiful not to share! If anyone is looking for a photographer in the NE/MO/IA area Designs by Samantha Jo did our photos and we will definitely be using her for future photos! I'll share our Christmas card photo closer to Christmas 🎅

2. Brent and I celebrated five months of marriage on November 8th. Most people wouldn't celebrate the little milestones, but we're not most people and it keeps things fun. We didn't do anything fancy and we actually celebrated with a chill night at home the day before because we were babysitting for a friend on the 8th. We try to be intentional about spending time with one another because it's very easy to get caught up in the hecticness of life and not spend quality time together. 

3. Christmas is my absolute FAVORITE time of year. It's such a happy and joyful season and every year I get way too excited about it. Growing up my family always got a real tree and put it up the first weekend in December. We can't have a real tree where we live now, so we have a mini fake tree and this past weekend we put it up. I realize it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but something about coming home to a Christmas tree and festive home is very relaxing. This will be Ginger and Zeke's first Christmas so we are pretty excited for that as well. 

4. We've officially had Zeke for over a month now. Some days it feels like a year other times it feels like we just brought him home. It's definitely been an adjustment for everyone. Seeing as he just turned five months old, we still have to take him out potty several times a night. Thankfully he has stopped screaming like a banshee at night (we were waiting for our neighbors to call the cops because it sounded like something was dying). He's had a tough month with kennel cough the first week and a half we brought him home and recently he contracted a parasite that had him super sick. Thankfully he's better now which we hope he stays that way because #vetbills. Ginger and Zeke are getting along better and arguing over toys and wrestling one another just like normal siblings.


5. The pups recently celebrated their first Halloween. I was a little too excited to dress them up. Ginger was a lion, we got the costume from Amazon and sadly it was delivered missing the tail, and Zeke was a monkey. Ginger had no problems in her costume but Zeke was not a fan. 

6. The sunrises and sunsets have been absolutely stunning recently. I never imagined liking living in Nebraska and while I hate the snow and cold, the other part of the year isn't terrible (except when it's an inferno in the summer 🔥) While I hate how early it gets dark now, the beautiful sunrises and sunsets make up for it. 

If you have any suggestions of places to check out for affordable Christmas decor please let me know- I've already hit up Home Goods and didn't find anything. I hope you have a great Thursday and a terrific weekend! 

When do you decorate for Christmas?

What is your favorite holiday tradition and why?

Thursday, October 10, 2019

KC and a New Pup: Thinking Out Loud #123

Happy Thursday! It's been a hot minute since I've done a post but life has been a little hectic. Between work, traveling, and a new family member we've hardly had a minute to breathe. October has thankfully slowed down for us and we are savoring every single day we get without plans because every day in September we had something going. Anyway, let's jump into this weeks thinking out loud. 

1. We added a new furry family member! We had always wanted a second pup so Ginger had a buddy while we were gone at work, but we said we wanted to wait until we had our own backyard so they could have space to run. Despite saying we would wait we looked online at pups, we went to shelter a ton even though we were "just looking," and lo and behold I came across Zeke. The little fella was a bundle of cuddles and energy and we knew right away he was meant to be our pup. Zeke is a 4-month-old mutt (we have no clue what he is) who loves toys, cuddling, and falling asleep on our chests. Ginger is still trying to figure out if she likes her baby brother or not. I know it will take time and they will soon be inseparable.

2. Occasionally we can get fancied up. My work helped sponsor a gala for a charity I've become incredibly passionate about called Chariots4Hope which is based in Omaha and Lincoln. It would take me way too long to explain about them so if you want to know more about them click here. I had to take photos and videos for work, but I also got to enjoy the night. I feel incredibly blessed to work for a company that values community over their bottom line.  

3. Before we got Zeke, Brent, Ginger, and I travelled down to Kansas City, MO to see the Jonas Brothers in concert. We decided to make a weekend trip of it (which was a mild disaster but that's another story). The concert was AMAZING!! They were even better than they were at their last concert I went to 10 years ago 🤯We sang, dance, and it was just a blast! 

4. The past month has held some major disappointments for us. Something that was a "sure thing" was ripped away from me and I was left stunned, confused, and very hurt. I started reading It's Not Supposed To Be This Way by Lysa Terkurst and it's like the book was written for me. The words spoke to my heart and gave voice to the hurt and disappointment we have been working through. I cannot recommend this book enough! 

5. It's finally starting to feel like fall around here. I think the 90 degree temps are finally gone <insert happy dance>. The mornings have been cooler and it tastes like fall is in the air. The leaves don't change until late here but I found this beautiful red one and it was too pretty to pass up. One of the things I do miss about living in Michigan is the fall colors. Fall in Michigan is unbelievable! Not to mention I miss going to the cider mill, but we did find a really good cider place in Lincoln.

6. It's in the heart of downtown near 17th and N in Lincoln. This tucked away bar is a GEM 💎 I walked inside and was stunned. It's bright, airy, and so relaxing. Jazz was playing softly out of the speakers, the owner served us and she was FANTASTIC! We did a flight of ciders and they give you a flight ticket that you get punched as you try the different ciders. They were all really good but our favorite was the Milestone Road cider. It tasted like good ole apple cider. Everything from the service to the cider to the atmosphere was top notch so if you're ever in Lincoln, NE definitely check it out! 

I will stop rambling on now, but have a terrific Thursday and an even better weekend 🥳