Sunday, September 8, 2013

Meal Planning

I am an obsessive planner and organizer, I blame genetics because my mom is the same way. Being a natural planner I plan out what I am going to eat every meal for a week. It may sound like a ton of work, but actually it isn't. I plan out my meals for a week and make my grocery list in 30-40 mins once a week and it makes grocery shopping so much easier. Meal planning not only makes grocery shopping easier, but it prevents me from buying food I do not need. I stick to my list and only get those items, no wandering the store and buying food that isn't healthy and I don't need.

I have a chart that I made up on word that I print out every week that I use to plan my meals. It has a space for meals for each day as well as spaces for snacks. I do write what I plan on eating in pencil incase I feel like switching two days meals around.

This is what the meal planning chart I use looks like. 

This is what my actual meal plan for this week looks like. I don't always plan out what I will have for a snack because some days I'm not hungry between my meals. I always keep healthy snacks ready for when I do get hungry though.

If planning out an entire week of meals seems too daunting of a task for you plan out three or four days at a time. Making your grocery list will be a breeze and you will be more focused when you actually go grocery shopping (remember to stick to the perimeter of the store!). I hope you have a fabulous week of healthy meals :)

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