Monday, September 9, 2013

Snack Time!!

Snacks are a great way to fuel up on protein to hold you over until your next meal. Especially for me being a college student I don't always get to eat at regular times because I am running between classes. I like to pack a few day of snacks in advance so I can just grab one on my way out of my apartment and run to class. Today I packed two days worth of snacks for Tuesday and Wednesday because I know those are my busiest days on campus. I packed my favorite snack, plus it's healthy and nutritious, and it gives me something to look forward to between class. I packed a handful of almonds and mixed in a few dried cherries (my fav!!) so I can not only get protein to hold me over and boost energy but my sweet tooth is satisfied with the sweet cherries.  

Two days worth of snacks. Something quick and easy to eat while running between classes.

I always keep almonds and dried cherries on hand and in little bags so when I have the urge to snack I don't just wander into the kitchen and eat.

Dried cherries and almonds are a must have in my pantry!

 Plus having a little bag of it helps me to not eat too much, its just the right amount to hold me over between meals and give me a quick boost. What is your favorite healthy snack to eat? 

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