Sunday, February 16, 2014

Egg White Veggie Omelet

I am sorry for my lack of postings over this weekend. I wish I could say I was busy with my Valentine but my only Valentines this year were my textbooks, but we did spend a lot of time together this weekend...way too much time. 

Anyway Friday night I was so busy studying I didn't feel like making anything fancy, so I made an omelet. It was a quick and healthy meal that was perfect for a night in studying.

I used slightly less than 1 cup of egg whites. I cooked it over medium heat until it was partially cooked.

Then I added 1/2 cup of mixed Mediterranean greens, a little bit of red and yellow pepper, and two baby red potatoes chopped into small chunks.

I allowed everything to cook together for a few minutes then I folded it together so each side could have time to cook. Flip to allow both sides to brown.

Once each side turns a nice golden brown it's done!

I had my omelet with half a red grapefruit and a small bunch of grapes. 

It was a yummy meal full of all kinds of good nutrients to help fuel my studying. Food is fuel so feed your brain good!

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